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a fuckin' uppercut
Bitch, I'm on the addy, addy, addy, addy
Up, up, up, up, up, up
Up like a goddamn uppercut, bitch

Bitch, I'm off the addy, addy
you the addy, yeah
Bring it to daddy
I'mma work out the fatty
I just hit you the addy, yeah
Say you on your way girl
We can go all the way girl
Perkys, addys, xannys, hyrdos, vicodin, that's candy
Perkys, addys, xannys, hyrdos, vicodin, that's candy
Perkys, addys, xannys, hyrdos, vicodin,
Haha, Big 14, know what the fuck going on

Ayy, you know I keep that candy, yeah
I need more like Mandy, yeah
Stay up, take Addies, yeah
a swell. 
Singing too-ra-li oo-ra-li ad-dy,
Singing too-ra-li oo-ra-li ay,
Singing too-ra-li oo-ra-li ad-dy,
And I'll see you in Botany Bay.  
Now my
Metro Boomin want some more, nigga

Automatic (auto), automatics, in the trunk
Shoot the maggots, shoot the maggots with the pump
Thot and addy
will you take these Addys with me?
And you know I'm poppin' seals
I don't wanna drink the Sprite unless it's dirty
Now you know how I feel

Girl I
Dunkin' on niggas, above the rim
My numbers be cheap, my plug out in Cali
Sent him an addy, he flew 'em in
When I hit your bitch from the back,
I said no and made my own
And put the kids in their beds
The kid's in our heads
We've got a lot of people to fear this year
So addy if you want
blow me a kiss
I sip the six, spot 'em too big
I don't get Cris, I'm high as it get
Addys and grits, ayy
Don't play with it
I'm clutchin' all day
Niggas sayin' they outside (ooh, haha)
Niggas sayin' they outside (woo, come outside)
Send the addy, we gon' slide (slide, slide, slide)
Air it
Low-low on them xannies
Nigga's know my bitches petty
I ain't talking mani's
Pull up with a lot of baddies
Don't forget the Addies
When I run up in
Bad gyal come whine 'pon it
Hey, yeah
Hey, yeah
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah

I got the addy, I don't need no GPS's (uh, uh)
Diamonds shining,
skrrt) ice on arms (ice, ice)
Shit go bad, like it's L.A. traffic, yeah
Crushin' down Addy, yeah, bustin' out plastic (yeah!)

Basic, basic,
Feed a bitch Addys, wrist so lavish (let's go)

I'm a young gunner, young gunner, young gunner, a nigga just wet up
We don't got no time for
class think about how I was gonna

rule the world and get that girl
Her name was Addy, she sat in front of me

Adeline, you're on my mind
So why'd you
Addy gotta tattoo
She bought it with another month of working weekends
And it fits her like a glove
It's smiling at the baby
Looking at the needle
the sprite clear now its pink cuz the syrup
I just dropped a addy now im finna get to work
She just text the addy now im finna make her squirt
We went out for
Deep, oh, come find, cut deep, oh
Why should I care
(Gone, gone, gone)

Never knew karma can't help
180, I'll turn back soon
The addy in
lit with)
I been spinnin'
I give a fuck who you bent with (ayy, ayy, ayy)
Baow, they lovin' the style 
(They lovin' the style)
Send me the addy
the addy in the nav (addy)
He steady poppin', know it's cap (cap)
I hit the jungle then adapt
30 thousand on the couch (30 bars)
All my bitches from
'cause her pussy pop
I run it like Nike, we got it on lock

Cash, money, checks, cash
Addy, Birkin, brand new extendos
I just wanna fuck the bitch by
nigga takin' my cabbage
And my chain cost your new addy
They got pockets on the fashion, yeah

Who hit that boy, we ain't sayin' no names, Chanel
ooh, make it enough (Ooh)
I heard you sick, ew, ain't savin' enough, uh
Gimme the sloppy, we happy
Stop textin' me, send me the addy

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