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Lotus 7s
Through the London streets one day

Nobody ever gets away
Even the best of us come back some day
To the unmarked rooms, where the dry dust
of style
(fresh kid)
Yea, stories complete
(fresh kid)
Rollin on them New York streets
With them Newport beats at the Parliaments
7s up C-know steelo no
tapping our computers and telephones

What if Al Quaeda blew up the levees
Would New Orleans have been safer that way?
Sheltered by the government's
tapping our computers and telephones

What is Al Queda blew up the levees
Would New Orleans have been safer that way?
Sheltered by our government's
It rarely makes the news today, the place where I was born
They called it a wasteland, a wilderness gone wrong
Where the twisted trees have fallen,
and the shipping all is done
I'm going right straight home, boys, before my money's gone
I have changed my way, boys, no more will I fall
Yes, I am going home, boys,
O' Say, can you see? 
By the dawn's early light 
We get 'em young, 
Give 'em guns 
And ship 'em off to fight. 
While the rocket's red glare 
you good news every time they wished me luck
And now I'm passing by the brakeman who says just wait and see
He only knows that he's best to believe
The shipping forecast issued by the met office
At 0130 on Sunday the 31st of December

There are warnings of gales in all areas except Trafalgar
life go by-why-why-why, yeah
'Til you came along and you picked me you-up
Yes you did, oh yeah, yes you did

Oh and, now, starting out a brand new
after speech time, the spark in the street crime
Niggas throwing anything at you except for peace signs
Live by the gun, die by the gun
'Til my time
seems like everything is all Satan

[1st Verse]

In the new millennium
You can't play with nobody's mind
Deliberately messing up a good thing
[Craig Mack] 

Peace to Brentwood Town Shipping 

I'm smoother than that Lex your whipping 

with the rack and pinion 

and Firelli tires that be
a new perspective on a weird year
And one day when I'm better we can square away a fair share
The last frame silhouetted by the sun
Was an air mail stamp
I can take my finger off, old dog, old trick
New twist like actually take the finger off
Wrap it in a blanket as you would a severed horse head
Neither did I sell myself, Records spinning by they self
The DJ tell myself go reflects off the reflex
before I told Flex drop that Semtex on the next New