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We were stylish and young, second to none
Coming on up the right way, yes, those were the days
That was the way things in the 50's were done, now
what I thought about the 50's rock n roll
Then they got into their limousine and fell into a hole
I moved into the kitchen and I quickly fell in love
in the 50's and 60's
It became "the black american dream."
Open housing paved the way as middle-class blacks flooded into the city
Whites don't buy
got bad
The hope would chase away the sad
And hope was sometimes all they had
Between the two of them
The 40's came and the 50's went
sitting pretty
Rollie on the wrist that be sitting pretty
Sitting pretty, sitting pretty, sitting pretty, sitting pretty
Throwing 100's and 50's if she
no snitch but if I did it ain't no biggie dog
'Cause that's Biggie dog
All that's coming out the mouth of the nigga you used to know as being 50's dog
the mouth of the nigga you used to know as being 50's dog
But I got tired of being 50's dog
Had to break my chain and cut that nigga 50 off
Whole team
50's and three yellow lemons 
And someone to take me home

And I'd forgotten the one who was sailing 
on the water down beside where you don't go
This is the house of MoJive
You take the R&B from the rhythm and blues
The 50's style
And the dancing shoes
A little bit of soul
A little bit
had on the past, an got some money lil partna said I'm goin to throw up some money I ain't talking about 1's 
5's and 10's I'm talking about 50's
collection you see
Chain worth a millie you sill wille a millie and 20
Uh man I pass out 50s an 20s
I pass out 50s an 20s I pass out 100s and 50s
We make
He's out there somewhere every night
Where the music's playing loud
Doing all the 50's steps, in a 1980 crowd

The dim lights hide his millage lines
me, greed
Open up in my mind
Oh so conned to be jerked back into the 50's
And become some macho scum that makes me bleed
Oh why will you turn on me?
shoes like hooves in the dirt
Her clutch bag reflected the sun and steel
The 50's movie, so many squealed
There’s no direction home she pleads
You can't be allergic to them 50s and 100s
I pull up hopped out and I'm reeking of weed
I pull the racks out and I'm reeking them G's
I pull the guap
humming, see the stickle burrs on your sock
Sure signs you spent some time in beautiful Luckenbach!


In the 50's people moved to cities,
50's diner taught me tonight
I'm almost dead
I miss you as a friend
I miss my favorite kid
Don't you remember when we took that trip
To the white sands?
don't like you, you don't like me
Its not likely that we'll ever be friends
Why pretend? (Ma, 50's back at it again)
I don't like you, you don't like
hollerin for you I got three 50's and eight 20's
I'll give you these three 50's if you rollin wit me
the rest goin on a mothafuckin hotel
Soulja Slim got
kicking up dust
Half a million people living in the corpse of the brown brick 50's
To the north, all the small town outcasts are now big city bourgeoisie
Washington say's so too.
Tell him to get here fast.
50's on the move.

Steve I gotta say Thank You,
For all you've done for me.
so too
Tell him to get here fast
50'S on the move

Steve I gotta say thank you
For all you've done for me
The nights are dark and lonely
When you're
had in the 50s and the 60s. 
A Porsche 356, or a 190SL. 
A 1600 Spider or a Citreon DS. 

Or a pale blue E-type.
And she was hot, in a 50's dress
She was hot, her lips were flashing red
I was lost, in her burning flesh
I was hot, I was dripping sweat
She was hot,

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