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in the pocket.

Four minute mile dressing down by a friend,
You haven't seen in a while, all comes to a head.
With just one smile to say what is
the loyalty to royalty
F*** the fortress
Riddle me with glee, hoist the end all teleprompter above my sleeping head
I'll be dead by morning anyway
Color my
He was hurting, I can see it, plenty tears, no Kleenex
I stood by his side because that was my homie
Gave him a hug, some of his brother's blood
cast by the sun
In constant misery, I'm fear
You want me,you need me, you have me, I'm yours

Yes I know you've always loved me
Call me now, between
Took four five shots when they rushed in your crib
?? Crack ya ribs, cops shot ya whip,
You been chased by the pigs on a four year bid
Crashed cars,
rushed in the crib

Trey-five-seven cracked ya ribs, cops shot ya whip
You've been chased by the pigs, sold the four year bid
Crashed cars, still came out
To subatomic particles, strong enough to stop a bull 
Bodies slam, to oxygen, drop a mule 
Urinating rocket fuel, freestylin over gospel tunes 
Rhymes by
90059 be the zip, it be the zip

I'm straight up out that East side, swangin' like ziplines
A 4G outta rim top, automatic spit fire
Yackin' a black
Now this ain't ya average old school
My paint change faster than the cast of Road Rules

My tires is skinny the rims wide and swole
My sound system
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

Words sometimes
of money.

Like I say ol' Jack Johnson he was a pugilist, 
He was a pugilist by preference and by profession 
And one day ol' Jack came walkin' on down by

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