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1997 · 1997 Studio Cast

you don't come to
What the hell, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Midnight ride 1997, One two three
Motherfucker you're going down tonight
We're takin'
In 1949 George Orwell portrays a chilling world in which computers are used by 
Large bureaucracies to monitor and enslave the population in his
We started in 1997 and finished in 1999
Ha, ha, she brought you 'The Rain', 'Sock it to me', 'Beep me 911'
Now it's a new year
Not the year two G but
(Music by Bartsch/Matton - February 1997
Poems by Bartsch - December 1996)
Wollust labt sich an tröstlichem Schmerz
Und Schweiß vermischt sich mit
Entwistle & Luongo Copyright 1997 Bitsa Talent Inc.

Walking down the highway
Nothing going my way
Shift into high by walking faster
He's a rebel
I done spent my last three cents
Mailing my letter to the president
I didn't make a show, I didn't make a dent
So I'm swinging over to this
audio drive by's
And gang shootings that you yourself have
Become numb to the pain like me.
And you, check this out, have become
Insane from overdoses
Honey Bee Blues Track 1 3:02
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Recorded June 17, 1938 - Aurora, Illinois
With Yank Rachell -
to your forehead
Evil exorcised
Fucked by the bishop - in front of a laughing crowd
Forced down on your knees - Swallow holy cum
Torn out vagina - sawed off
("Evil" Kevin La Bounty © 1997)
Sitting on the stairwell,
You were eating lunch.
Blocking all the people.
Just your way of fun.
When the class is

She combs her hair by the light we share

from that little lamp by the door

I read my antique rhymes for her as she

Sits by me
And prays for shelter from the storm

As people hurry by on their way home

Where they dream

Of a world without sadness and pain

They turn their heads
Recordings 1937-1939
1997 Bluebird RCA #67416-2 (credits from Bluebird insert)

Don't mistreat yo' woman
When you know you're
Love is calling me home


In the firelight, by the fountain

In the desert, on the mountain

There's a lost one, someone reach him
(written by lowell george)
(performed by jackson browne on the lowell george tribute album rock and roll doctor;1997)

I've been the one who has been
s, Goodbye. 

One by one my leaves fall.
One by one my tales are told.

It's no lie
She is yearning to fly.
She says Adiós, says Adiós,
And now you
feeling like what I deserve I didn't get
But I'ma stick it out, believe I'ma keep my head up
And show my loyalty for Eazy E, even though I'm fed up
Shannon Street Blues Track 6 3:20 
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Recorded June 17, 1938 - Aurora, Illinois
With Yank
in sense of words but praycheck it 10 years ago died of brain cancerand went to heaven1997 rollin´with tha family booya musicmy peeps y´all
of school
Doin' the right thing playing by the rues but
One day she caught his eye thirty six, twenty four with
A skirt size five. He stepped to and

A literal translation by j. mark sugars 1997

Once I was a gentle maiden,
But now I am a spent, worn-out widow,
My consort strongly plowing
As we approach the current time frame of 1997
With approximately two and a half years before the year two thousand
Repeatedly it has been reported
The project muthafuckas, 

The Tulane & Broad escapers, 

The 1997 paper chasers, 

The teenage cellular phoner 

The Uptown big boner, 

The sip
mistake number three)

Why is my love like an ocean run dry?
And why is my love
Such a struggle with life?

You can"t by stand all the people
I've chosen to remember you exactly as you are
If looks could be pickled and stored in a jar

1997 trapped inside a conversation
That party was

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