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That's when I told you

Did you ever feel the way?
The feeling of a day gone by
I was hoping you felt that thing too

We ride we ride 22s or betta'
We we ride we ride 22s or betta'
I swang on em swang on em [Repeat x2]

Now if I catch you at the light (i swang
We Ride We Ride 22s Or Betta
We We Ride We Ride 22s Or Betta
I Swang On Em Swang On Em [x2]

Now If I Catch You At The Light (I Swang On Em
Uh, what what, yo yo P-5-D uncut 
Check it out, yo yo, S-P uncut 
Yo yo, what P-5-D uncut, yeah yeah it's that Philly shit 
Yo yo, check it out,
That few would take notice 

And when I wake up 
I imagine being crushed by one 
Imagining its weight its silence 
And the absence of excuses for
I walk forty five miles of barbed wire
I use a cobra-snake for a necktie
I got a brand new house by the roadside
Made outta rattlesnake hide
(PROVERBS 19:16)
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Ezekiel 22:30, 1 Timothy 2:1, James 5:16

There's no feeling
Like when you have a friend in need
Their heart
Cant understand some of these 
Rhymin' in circles
Now patriotic emcees
On bent knees 
By six degrees
Lord have mercy
Even the voice of god
is a river of life flowing from the throne of God (Rev 22:1)
There is One who came by water and blood
There is the Spirit who testifies to this (1
Southern Dream Track #22 2:44
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Chicago, November 12, 1947
With Blind John Davis - piano, Big
of stories I breed my sequel
You know the money, blues, blunts, broken 22's
Monkey see, Monkey do
Shorty sipping sunny dew
Now it's V.S.O.P. in a Phantom,
by night
911 Porsche I was on that flight
5'9, 6'1 I call 'em the twin towers
Had 'em on a triple stack
Hit 'em both in the shower
Pedal to the medal
latex and still gettin burnt through
(I recognize realize) Real niggaz stay wild
Holdin tec-9's, German Luger 22's pointed at you
(I recognize realize)

[Ja Rule]
This is no intention of bein' offensive to women
By callin' ya'll bitches, my down ass bitches
Still, my queen bitch's cuts look
(Matthew 20:22)
All things new old things gone I have realized (2 Corinthians 5:17)
Let's get wet take me under that water

God loves the world so much
Apple Tree Swing Track #12 2:22
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Sonny Boy Williamson - vocals & harmonica
With Blind John
Before I drank v.s.o.p. remy
I used to drank that MD 22
Wood-grain and reverse 8's
Box Chevy trunk sounding like a earthquake


I gotta
and the dro got me so scummy
And to drum hole a whole hundred
Can I put a whole hundred in your whole tummy
Man Weezy's a legend
You can tell by the bottom
When I hit the club all the girls show me love
While at the bar, got drank by the jug
In the v.i.p with the chicks and the drugs
It's the T.I.P,
a song out it

Now, if someone will give me
A number between 20 and 22
I?ll show you, what I mean, 21
That's very good, first time, 21

Well, 21 take away
When I bang this its dangerous
Niggas go brainless
So bang this with the four-five stainless
And understand that you looking at the famous
[Chorus: Master P]
I need dubs, when I ride to the club
Cruisin with my girls even rollin with thugs
I need dubs, 22's, 24's
Shinin in the hood I'm
exploding and the mind is racing (James 4:14)
And we find ourselves running out of human breath (Proverbs 10:27; Isaiah 1:5)

The stale life of routine
I'm so impressed by the way that she dress (she got gear)
She walks like a model, the girl is so fresh (so fresh)
I got a few of them, here's