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My tell-tale heart's a hammer in my chest
Cut me a silk-tied tourniquet

This is my roaring, roaring 20's
I don't even know me
Roll me like
Hatin cause my 20's be, choppin! choppin
Hatin cause these hoes be, jockin! jockin
Try me and my glock'll be, cockin! poppin
And after that I burn rubber when I jump in my Vette'
Yet his hoes raise up but it ain't come out yet, I'm speed racin'

On 20's (on 20's)
told 'em get this glass and get da fuck away from me hoe
And every where I go it became an instant cut
'Cause they knew I had them 20s and dem big fat
ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
Them West side guys will get ya
Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya

Them South side boys
I'm the shit ho
Uh, half a ticket at your mama house
Uh, in all 20's in your mama couch
Uh, we drop them bitches in the microwave
Uh, I made
It's been your 20s feeling that you're walking on the ceiling
And you party like you're eight feet tall
You say work is for the birds

(Chorus 2x)

We ridin 20s on the cars and 26s on the trucks

And everybody diggin us it ain't no limit to the bucks
We makin noise in the game
I was seventeen
Just gettin' started
Every weekend was a non-stop party
Chasin' girls and cruisin' town

It was nightclubs all through my 20's
instead of the front, I'm selling
20's and dimes and even crum and motherfuckers better low
'Cause I gotta get it, I got a 9 motherfuckers so deal with it
collection you see
Chain worth a millie you sill wille a millie and 20
Uh man I pass out 50s an 20s
I pass out 50s an 20s I pass out 100s and 50s
We make
fuckin' re-up (Yayo)
Flashin' singles, wit the 20s on top
While I'm ridin' on 20s in the juky drop top
So never show love wit ya left hand
You'll lose 5
tan leather
Tv's in tha head rest, 20's on tha compressor
So much ice in be	's roley you can't get a slow glance
He ain't have no money in his bank
[Dani] (Missy)
Truck on 20's and the rims is spinnin'
Everybody get with it (honk your horn), get with it
If your windows is tinted and your truck
"The death of Girl Number Two," read the first line, 
Written by a fond paper columnist, 
"Actually happened in the 20's 
And since she's been
tan leather
Tv's in tha head rest, 20's on tha compressor
So much ice in be	's roley you can't get a slow glance
He ain't have no money in his bank
Boy, badmon na beg no friend 
Boy, love how she belly dancing
Love how she tip-drill 'cause she got skill
So mi give her all my 20's and 10's

Ten motherfuckers in a one room shack 

Chopping up ?? 20's and 50's to get my cash up 

?? this fucking bitch to hold my mothafucking stash
10 years later, still gettin paper
Put 20's on the big wheel
It's Univeral now
Just signed a big deal
Party at the spot, come ball wit me
the same
I meen I still drink cool aid mix it with cris
I still run with the boys put 20's on 6
Bandana T-shirts call me ghetto instead
7 figgas hard hitters
a couple of models
You a balla you outside or in
I pulled up there's more outside then in
Niggaz in the parkin lot sparkin blunts
Like if you ain't on 20's
yourself and always stay true
Be you
Stay true

Ha ha....It's all about 5's 10's 20's
50's and 100's cash money
See ain't a damn thing funny
When it
counting money in room 124
They're wrapping 10's and 20's throwing the 1's down on the floor
They're strung out and they're nervous, they jump at every
Back in history in the roaring 20's there was a law called prohibition
No one was to drink or make alcohol
Today in the 90's we have a new law

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