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Dis bitch, dat hoe, hoe let me see ya pussy
Dis bitch, dat hoe, hoe let me see ya pussy
Hoe, soakin' fuckin' wet, hoe, soakin' fuckin' wet

Project Pat
night, I was in the bed, eyes red 
Thinkin' about project pat, and what the fuckin jury said 
Givin' him what they gave him, then they put him in handcuffs
to let it ride
My nigga it's whatever 
We can buck it out til ???


(Project Pat) 
Comin' like a duck a
You know I came for trouble
the white guts
I'm on the scene, drankin' lean, mixed with Spire in a plastic cup
I'm from the hood, call it North, where Project Pat went to jail and court
Man, Project Pat in the house 
This go out to all the real niggas out there havin' money 
Ghetty green, that cheese, that feddi, that loot 
the chamber for you weak ass coward)
Don't save her she don't wanna be saved

I'mma introduce me, Project Pat, I keep it real
I'mma introduce you, you's a sucka