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[Kool Keith] 


For the 2000 (2000) 

Black Elvis (Black Elvis) 

We get raw with this (hand me my guitar) 

Tour bus packed (tour
in places where alcohol's for all ages
On stages, in great heights land in London at night
LAX today, MP tight
A 2000 Technique cha, cut and freak
a thought to a debt-trap and two inch reels
want to catch up where I'm at? Renew your skills
Concentratin on my next move, lose your deal
Stay on tour like
can't rock no more
'Til I can't get no mothafuckin props no more
'Til they boo me on stage when I'm out on tour

'Til 2000 B.C. ain't hot no more
your donkey by my lonely I eat pussy like Shoney's
That's Tunechi, homie, master of ceremonies
I knock 'em down, domino effect, no pepperoni
I swear
Elton John or Lionel Richie 
Call up my butler, get clothes washed by the maid 
Ivory soap; this is clean; feel like Cascade 
I count the bills, roll
the vests, but I'm talking kevlar
'Cause things just ain't cool anymore
And bricks might ruin your door, trust dem youts anymore
Never Super Soaker 2000s
And drive by the projects while a nigger hollar

I let her drive the V
She's my pretty young thing
I let her ride with me
She's my pretty
was killed by the saviors of his own dream 
Our movement 

Verse One 
I'm not a human being into no spirtual shit 
Spiritual remanifested

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