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The 10th Planet

When 8 o'clock rolls around
and the same old shit is gettin' down 
go to 10th street, yeah 10th street
If you don't want D and you don't want that
and Rikki the Knife
And the girl I swear I'd love till the day I died
In the summers outta school you knew just what to do

On 10th Street
There's no
Symmetric fourness not to be found
Brightness protons vibrate outside
The 10th Aire very unGod
Blind larvae of moonlight souls
Trapped in the saliva of Times
moving away! 

Who's on the 10th floor 
(Ghost girl) 
I kinda want you 
Know how more 
Who's on the dance floor? 
(Ghost girl) 
I just want to let
that you didn't like
Keep them all under light

Will you rise above my 10th grade love?

Don't know how to fake
I'm kinda stupid 'bout you
Guess you
it's not supposed to be

I first saw her in a mega store
The day-glow raven born into a free fall

The fulfillment of a 10th grade prophecy
A motel
So I paint you no more

My hell begins from the 10th and descends to the circle
Six hundred threescore and six
And from there I crawl beneath
On the 10th of December we heard the talk 
He gave his throne to the Duke of York 
It was love, love, love, love, love alone 
Caused King Edward to leave his
Walking on 10th Street
The guy in front of me, Walkman, headphones on, Stones cranked
The thing that caught my ear, singing loud and clear
six blocks away six blocks away
He's got a regular job and it pays the rent
In a don't shop on 3rd and 10th
But he doesn't understand why she turned
up the 9th for fortune or fame  
10th floor for investment and real estate  
Recouping the redies before it's tool late  
11th floor the penthouse
So let's hit the streets tonight
And I'll show you where I lost my job 
And where I got chased by cops
So we'll jump the fence at 13th and 10th
no more
It was about the 10th of may, a time i remember it well
That very same night little Annie disappeared in a way no tongue can tell

Then at 9 I got my first keys 10th ave
Ice to an eskimo, spaghetti to a wop
I know that sounds racist, it’s just how I talk
In the crap game, I am
white as stretcher sheet
Watches it all from her 10th floor balcony
Like it's her opera box
All those Pagliacci summer frocks
Otis is fiddling with
of history my son

Murder and rape with your power
The 10th revolution in far away days
It's come to this
A gypsy's kiss
All your power's gonna fade in
Silver lake, San Francisco, Switzerland, Lacumza, England, Budapest, Mulhouse,

June 10th, June 10th do you remember June 10th?
I can't forget
may find myself delayed

On the road to New Orleans
A spray of stars hit the screen
As the 10th impact shimmered
The forbidden candles beamed
We face the truth of ourselves
The linear evolution of our greeds
Desires running like the wild
Deprivation of the 10th commandments

I don't remember much about bein born
But I do remember this: I was conceived on February 10th
Complications detected in my early months of balling
To the cities of Mexico
Lived in an apartment out on Avenue A
I had a tar-hut on the corner of 10th
Had myself a lover who was finer than gold
But I've been
Hush, little darling, celebrate
Today's gonna be your birthday
Even if it's not the 10th of September
Sometimes down here you will find
Life won't
The tables are empty, the dance floor's deserted.
You play the same love song - it's the 10th time you've heard it.
That's the beginning, just one
To follow bassline leads
I'm standing still on 10th street
I'm not the only one
I want this night to stretch us
There's plenty left to know
no more
It was about the 10th of may, a time i remember it well
That very same night little Annie disappeared in a way no tongue can tell