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gone to sleep in the
Passing lane
Like a shot in the vein.

There's a black dog hanging by a string
In the flutter of a thousand paper wings.
fold these cranes of paper to a thousand one by one
And I'll fly away when I'm done

Her ancestors knew the legend, if you make a thousand cranes
the years of my levity
Eleven summers before darkness fell

Keep this paper crane, one of a thousand
There never was a guilt to burden myself
My hopeless
Get it back, get it back
Bitch, I know I get it back
Give a fuck bout that little paper
'Cause I know I get it back

I got cash, cash
all to give me life.
One thousand more to go,
I'll send every prayer from below.
I was swallowed by a whale.

Slow down, you're all words
And love
this paper to buy Shaquasia a glacier
Throw chairs to deck a skyscraper
Understand that the continents of Africa and Asia
And free the Black man from
York for two days around Grammy winners
Come back home straight to the money getters
About fourteen thousand dollars worth in twenties
Brown paper bag