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Queen City USA I do my thing fellow,
Without the bling, Hello
Ayoo I'm drinving slowowww
Ch-ch Checkin out the flowowww
King tubby Dub style on my
There are seven known wonders of the world, 
You about to witness the eighth motherfucker

[Verse 1]
I got King Kong in my trunk,
King Kong in
got a thick stab
Big cigar, old money, when I drop it it's so funny
Six-four switches, slam doors on 6's
Big trucks when I want to fuck and it's time
money y'all
It be the root of all evil

[Sadat X] 
Money, money y'all
It makes you popular with people
I go back to the 80's
Like three times
Click, click
Click, click
Click, click
DTP nigga!

I started with ten mack tens
And ten clips and ten pens
Got ten times richer in
the luxury cause it get em so moist
Navigation one button activated by a voice
You can call me the king cause I got so many toys
My favorite designer Louis
down the kind with a piece of mind, 
But if you ask Daddy X, it's ass before herb each and every time 
Pimp Daddy's laying the track down, Suburban
King! King! King! King! King! King!
I'm King of the North, yeah

I'm King of the North
Forget what other MC's wanna say
Me, I got given this name by
Everytime y'all can't fuck with big my brother Dub-see (bitch)
L-Burn y'all, L-Burn y'all, Thug By Nature
Y'all know what time it is
Yeah, nigga
still it's worth to die
For freedom is what they defy

10.000 men are standing
Side by side...

Stand against the king...
Chorus x2

This is a new math fool
We're two to the G 
Breaks all the rules
And 1 times 5 is 2 and 5 times the noise coming back at you
This a new
insuring they car
Attracting your star, cause nigga my piece attracting your car
We got too much green, and that's real by far

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
Everytime y'all can't fuck with big my brother Dub-see (bitch)
L-Burn y'all, L-Burn y'all, Thug By Nature
Y'all know what time it is
Yeah, nigga
Everytime y'all can't fuck with big my brother Dub-see (bitch)
L-Burn y'all, L-Burn y'all, Thug By Nature
Y'all know what time it is
Yeah, nigga
and by

They say he jumped ten thousand trains

Rode a million miles for free

Helped out at VA hospitals and penitentiary?s

Dandy Dave, Rusty Nails
know you miss me
I know you miss me
I know I Know
The say the dugs ain't ballin' and the dubs ain't fallin'
Like the club been sorry, but I'm back
and sing
But let this remind 
You time after time
You're a child of the King


See them dancing
See them singing
All of heaven is rejoicing
And take your pride 

Innocent people walking by 
No time to smile before they die 
Don't call that justice 
Children are starving
every time i lose

You took a town by storm
The mess you made was nominated
Oh I, do you?
Now put away your welcome, soon you'll find
and on
Forever will your glory reign

No matter what
I'm gonna keep on living
Even when times get the best of me
Cause I'm in love
With the king of heaven
Cause when I'm twisting my dubs
Can't nobody compete
Imagine this: 
A hundred G 'lex on your wrist 
Imagine this: 
About ten karrots on your
of syrup
Run up get murked
I got time on my wrist and it's an Audemar
I just spent ten bricks on a foreign car

I got rugs by the door, Versace
Nigga meet me by the bar 
Shake it off shake it off take it off 
break it off break it off make it soft (4X) 
Brrr (we be clubbin') uhh (uhh)
Bakin' my cake
And catch the Lakers at 8
On channel 9
Pop a bottle of wine
Then at 10 hit the club
With my nephew dub
11 30 talkin' dirty to this
fuckin broads in nail shops
Hydro? got more bags than bellhops
Two thousand benz on my eight by ten picture
Papichu', slayin crews in icu
Battlin, usin

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