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k By Thug Demand

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Im riding hard in the donk/
Lookin big in
all hustlas
Pushin' the product, connected by the narcotics
Hella melodic when NATAS drop it, I got it
30,000 feet out in the air, I parachute on ya
Bigger house, 10,000 dollar purse fam
She let you in, she wanted rent by the 1st man
She the ring leader in a clique of birds
And they shadowy, like
got a trampoline in my room

Two, Three, Four
Hold your fuckin' horses
Niggas really fuckin' thought that T lost it
Like I'm better
murder [C-Murder] like Master P' brother
(Yea, what's the deal baby, yea, free Ras Kass, feel me)

[Chorus: Scratched by Stoupe] (repeat 2x)

	"c'mon, let
a war 
And 200,000 more to even look hard 

You better drop your flag and withdraw 
My cavalry charge accompanied by a blizzard of wicked metaphors
how my dick head is
Flow infectious, give me 10 seconds
I'll have a buzz bigger than insects in Texas
It's funny how wasn't nobody interested