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is good and people are crazy"

He said "I fought two wars,
Been married and divorced"
What brings you to Ohio?
He said "Damned if I know"
We talked
Nice Nice Nice 

Kick 'em in the grill Pete! 
Verse One: Pete Nice 
Gas, past tense, made facially 
3rd Bass'll express, KMD 
Three blind mice
stay rolling up while reclining
I be looking down see my Jesus piece shining
Good look Yeezy, now I stay blinded by that light
Somebody pass me that
At the scale of 2 leaflets per person
At every bus stop
And every vehicle on either side of them
At every red traffic light during the journey
Which includes
The full moon's glowing
Blood red in the sky
It hangs like fire
On this winter's night
I sit on feelings
That hang in suspense
Nothing in my
Your head on my shoulder
Two months youæ?³e been a soldier
I feel so sick inside
Two months youæ?? have been alive

So no one here knows your surname
All right this is a one, a two
A one two three four

So far she's taken three red lights
Four wrong turns
She's got the leatherette seat full
One, two, three, here we go

I'm walking out my front door
I'm jumping in my car
Take another left on Main Street
Head right to where you
in the box we'll wait and hide
Until' his curiosity
Entices him to look inside
And then we'll have him
One, two, three

Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Beat him
[Kool Keith] 

Raising levels Jim 

Flight seven oh four three two one  red four 

Green expanding to one 

Moving levers up at seven decimal
through the tint recognized a jack
Two brothers strolled up
Talkin' bout get out
Donald D blazed
Shot one fool through his fuckin' mouth
Why would they step
I was traveling light
Traveling with a friend
As xtina came of age
I hung with xtina's friends
They would all come 'round the house
And slowly
Everything I need to except get a 2:1

I haven't slept for the past week
Two hours ain't enough for me
I feel inspired at quarter to three am
By horse, by rail, by land, by sea, our journey starts
Two men incensed by one man's journey from the past
In Iceland, where the mountain stood
by it's over
Oh, and as you fly past the sign
That points to our way 
Send your children a whispered song 
Then allow yourself away 

One two I
Upside down or inside out,
This is it, it's what it's all about
Strike one, strike two, strike three you're out
It's seconds, minutes, hours, daze inside
in the box we'll wait and hide
Until' his curiosity
Entices him to look inside
And then we'll have him
One, two, three

Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Beat him
an eyeball watching you
Who are the werewolves talking to
The moon is red and its big as hell
So the streets are alive and I'm by myself
This is Delray where
[Willie D]
Nigga fuck, you!
I put a hole in yo' head big enough to drive a truck through
Buck you gon' see some red shit
Cause I'ma "whoops upside
could have been
The best that I've seen
Under the red light every body knows you cried last night

Lay yourself down by the side of the bed
Oh you
count to ten before I leave.

One, I still wanna hate you,
Two, three, I still wanna leave,
Four, searching for that door,
Five, then I look into
So let the beat run as I express the mind
7's for the stars, A is for Allah
The 3 is for us for we are the scholars

Rockin' your body till
1 2 3 4.

We'll ride coast to coast in my holy ghost.
Chrome wheel, fuel injected, high on hope.
Soul engines cruisin' on down the road.
It's painted red, the stripe was white
It was eighteen feet from the bow to the stern light
Second hand from a dealer in Atlanta
I rode up with
She was three days late, two dollars short
And her eyes were red and blinkin'
Betty La Rue took a downer or two
And then she started drinkin'