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you dressing to impress now
Hair flocking in the wind
Cause brodie hopping out the jet now
Clapping like when I hit the crowd
03 greedo I beat it down
u clownin muthafucka
RIP tho
Free Drakeo The Ruler and 03 Greedo
Feelin like the only Neo
A oni found in Nat Geo
Capricorn in Leo
A gun totin griot
in the end
Hop in the coupe I might swerve in my ends
Like 03Greedo yeah I never bend
If you gon talk it's my shooters I'll send
That girl left me, she
everything about you
We all knew who was the one for you
Held it down from the jump to the end
03 Greedo through it all Never Bend
Been doin' my thing,
Am I
03 Greedo
I seen a opp right through the Peephole

They mad 'bout something
As far as we know
Like to get high something like a
C note
All in on red
Yeah yeaaah

Pull up to the party yeah it's Feeny and Rigo
Make the choppas sing like 03 Greedo
When we pullin' up
Shorties off the drugs
siento, lo siento, lo siento
Ando escuchando Corridos Tumbados
Man free 03 Greedo el no hico nada

Bought a mansion in México
Dream about a better life
shuffled on Steez, Steelo, 03 Greedo
Ahmed Jamal sipping on Pino
Raise the bar vault it turn back hit the free throw
Late night deep throats
Nothing ever
that's who I came with 
You trynna tell me who I am 
But I can't forget 
Giving out business like 03 Greedo 
You don't get respect 
Niggas jocking
With the different steelo
Feel like 03 Greedo
I'm just on my disco shit
I need me a disco bitch
I need me diamonds on my wrist
You was just like Randall
gone like 03 Greedo
But move to neatly
Feds don't see me
Nordstrom rack I'm in there swiping for that new Givenchy
It was Automatik , automatik
Don't call 911 no Reno
Said she was a freak hoe
Said she liked emo
Hit it twice not three tho
The Rapper, ROYOS,
Benny The Butcher, Jorja Smith, 
Vince Staples, Noname, 03 Greedo, YG,
Ty Dolla Sign, Tyler The Creator, Le3 bLACK, Royce Da 5'9", Don
03 Pump, Greedo my nigga

Tell a bank teller (teller)
This Louis my sweater (ooh ooh)
Came through with a Beretta
Stack my cheese, that mozzarella
matted negro
Dropping jaws, I got ‘em looking sick like NeYo
Cause I been on pimp shit since ‘03 no Greedo
Now envy got ‘em all on edge and tryna pop off
Pussy Niggas' better play your part
If you want it put it in the cart
If you want it buy it
Soon my car be push to start
03 It was way back
03 Like it's
then we lag
Yeah I'm sad
I'm not saying that I'm mad or upset
I'm just saying that I'm sad
Yeah I'm sad
Yeah I'm sad yeah
Yeah I'm sad
Free Greedo 03
Netflix for kids cuz I keep it so G
I'm a hero
Was pushing an 03' and bumping some greedo
No regrets, that's my muhfuckin' creedo
Count on me like Giannis
feel like some Cheetos
I’m laying these vocals down like it was Frito
You are in an 03 car, you feel like Greedo
I don’t serve drinks but I’m tending
Ready, set, go (you have 937 messages)
03, Yung Bans on these hoes
(Goose with another one)

Ready, set, go
We gon' get back on
03, Yung Bans
An inmate at the Potter County Texas Adult Detention Facility
To accept this call, press zero
To refuse this call, hang up or press one

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