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Searching - for competence
Dreaming - of innocence
Finding - no consequence
Moving around
Without a doubt
Betray the crowd
Showing ways out
Default by any means, competence and skill
Keep acting like you care still
Gathered in pride, howling of joy
Why don't you realize you're short
cœur comme une bijouterie

Chérie, t'es bonne t'es fraîche
Montre-nous tes compétences de sexe
Cherche pas à savoir, tout ce qu'on dépense de fraîche
the one that has competence
I am growing wilder,
I am leaving what I was in
I am glowing brighter,
I have the power to win

She is glowing brighter,
She's got the whole world of fate and fast and competence in you
How you can be unfaithful I just can't understand
Now why don't you go home to your
Sola Gratia

Quickened of the third person
Regenerate competence
Not my own, this faith a gift
Boasting set adrift

Sola Fide
Ten to twenty answers
Shouting down on confidence
Too easy not to share
To vain for secrets
There's fear enough in 
There a taste of need in
we're lucky, we'll get old and die

Everything's better [?] you were always unaware
We separated the effectiveness of competence from ability
ears to hear their cries
No justice in their world

Competence is no excuse for ignorance
Blameless yet their death has no significance
Soul-born impressions end the blindsight's schism,
And expands the human competence

Functions in the hidden eye,
A window to intuitive perception
the only game in town, a queen of competence
Blind in front of mirrors, proving nothings says a lot
Wham bam thank you Charlie
Vanity is all
You wander
as I must have seemed talkin' junk through her giggle, little teenage dream
And on the phone I could not compete; my dumb-luck fake competence was
Never run away, never run away, never run away

You've got to stand your ground and see this through
From ignorance to competence, this coupled
use the height of competence to break the common ground beyond a bad experience, vengeance swings around

why put the gun to your head if you're
game in town, a queen of competence
Blind in front of mirrors, proving nothing says a lot
Wham bam, thank you Charles, vanity is all
You wander lonely
the innocence
Where is your competence?

Don't let the sun go down
Can you stay with me awhile?
Can't face the night alone
When you're leaving here tonight
their sight
Now you may call it lack of competence
Here's my story and my defense
I watched her slowly and I watched her fast
I've got to make
the competence of blind.
But I'm confounded by choice.

Oh, we're gonna get in trouble if we're not careful.
Oh, we're gonna get in trouble and he's on our
Fear in a young one with innocence
A crisis I must resolve to handle with
He wants to know if he will be "taken" too
He worried - he asked
Gave me the connect he send me 77 off for me
Money build my confidence
Shawty show your competence
Before I get another bitch cause I be on some
de ma passion ce qu'il faut je vais le trouver 
Et certains doutent de mes compétences Je vais les prouver 
Pour vivre de ma passion ce qu'il faut je
let me down, yeah

Well, I thought I was healthy and free from temptation
I'm a long away from home and you were so
So full of competence that I let
n´ai pas la compétence de suivre ton chemin.
Ça va durer des heures, entendre bla bla bla
Et discuter de tes malheurs ne m´intéresse pas.
we're staring at the news, confused.
Waiting patiently for something to go wrong.
Lacking competence or common sense,
Procrastination is slowly paving
erogenous manners then mold it into a monolith
the consequence is unification of continents
with constant common sense and communicatory competence

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