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Quiero aprecio quiero estima
Tengo ternura y devoción
Soy propenso al cariño
Tiendo mucho a la adhesión

En verdá lo necesito
Mucha compenetración
adhesion, these rhymes so sublime 
They carry themselves beyond space time 
My wording so carefully chosen
So snare-fully posed, so daring composing
To air
Despojándome del odio y de la rabia que me da

Yo solo buscaba amor, sin ninguna condición
Y contigo parecía un contrato de adhesión
No vale pasarlo mal, por
mille lièvres à la fois
Ma vie à vrai dire c'est la foire
Derrière un manque de confiance en soi
Jean Baptiste grenouille est très maladif
Mon adhésion au
Waving goodbye
To glowing synapses
I swore I'd miss it but 
My words lack adhesion
Slipping away
Like sand through my grave
Blue to black
And black
we demand your adhesion 
We flow through a web of mechanical fusion 
Prepared to compel and enforce by incision
A steel banded web that will trap with
I sailed across the sky with a hole in my heart
Adhesion ripped away my resolve
My heart it raced with a new constructivity
And it burned brightly in
the helix
Believe in nothing get killed with the heathens
I know it’s hard but you better not fight the adhesion
I know the lesion grows faster, increasing
as heaven on earth become true

I need you to achieve adhesion
I need you to be someone the world can believe in
I need you to exert efforts to go above
I'm wheezin'
Hold this shit together like, adhesion
Bitch, I am the shit like, excretion
Now I'm off topic, no cohesion
I just get distracted, you
On the unbreakable diamond filament line
Via mechanical adhesion
AKA velcro online
I'm wheezin'
Hold this shit together like, adhesion
Bitch, I am the shit like, excretion
Now I'm off topic, no cohesion
I just get distracted, you
You also don't belong and don't expect to find anyone to understand you
You haven't given up, haven't given in, sacrificing pleasure for adhesion
in your face
Adhesion ain't it disgrace
Damn man
I'm the Prince that's the prior ruler
And is still ruler my dude
Niggas die every day B
Come up with
bout the drama
Brand new drip for the season
Cashing out each & every week
Got that sticky icky like adhesion
Know she got it & she keep on teasing
l7e9ada f7alek
M'visée elihom bmindar
F7yati m'signé contrat d'adhésion maykhalif
Magha négocié ta punition
Lijat men 3and lah marhba biha yfotna kehal rass
la adhesión con las consolas
Me alejaron a la introspección de repente estuve yo a solas
Tu temperatura abrigo mis ocasos
Innumerables veces tu esencia
pero mandó una adhesión.
y Rita la cantaora,
y don Cristóbal Colón,
y una teta disecada
de Agustina de Aragón.
La tuna compostelana
cerraba la
plan Badajoz
Y el Ku-Klux-klan que no vino 
Pero mandó una adhesión
Y Rita la Cantaora
Y don Cristóbal Colón
Y una teta disecada 
De Agustina de
Realmente no estoy tan lejos 
Solo a unas horas de ahi 
Con la adhesion de este mapa 
No importa donde yo vaya 
Son pocos centimetros entre tu y yo
life together spit it like adhesion 
Imma write forever coldest heart i'm freezin'
Hold the light forever won't get dark we sleepin' thru the night
mets des kicks sur un scooter qu'on a trouvé 
On part sous le vent froid du matin 
La brume pique l'adhésion des roues givrées 
On est collé serré,
Dans le coffre, son baluchon
L'bulletin d'adhésion au Club Med
La phtomaton d'une guenon

Oh, dans l'quartier des coquines
Va plus faire le malin

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