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Uh,Big Daddy K,Morcheeba,Uh,Feel me,Uh

Every time I think about you
My senses start to raise
And when I try to get you
You're gone without
and death and bower feathers

If you want to book the band
Be sure to hear their album first
Or else you might upset your Shoreditch caterie

I live above
Jay! Fuck that 
This is it right here baby! 
You know what it is 
Yo, I used to have bad luck 
Now you might see me in
Jay! Fuck that 
This is it right here baby! 
You know what it is 

Yo, I used to have bad luck 
Now you might see me in a Jag truck
on the box
A chinless prefect gone Godzilla
My newest friends have forgotten my name
But so have I, so far so good and home
You and me trampoline and oceans
gives you legitamacy

This tiny little box echoes with your rage

Not since poor old pandora has so much venom been unleashed
By simply opening a box
on they album, try to boost they sales
We put our pies on the table and our eyes on a label
'Cause them rednecks up in the mountains'll try to slay you
Aye you know this The Art of Hustle
On this album nigga, it's all about the laws, it's all about the rules, the shit that mean shit
So today
(My pants are tight)
There's a price on their hearts you can't fail to afford.

Drink to the bitch and we'll dance for a while
If you can't do
Album ending
Listen close you hear what I'm about, nigga feel my truths

When pop died, didn't cry, didn't know him that well
Between him doing heroin
truths through my "Hard Knock Life" time my gift and a curse
I gave you volume after volume of my work so you can feel my truths
I built the Dynasty by
check out the album and you know what's
Going on. of course, the single as well.

Thanks for keeping the faith.
gonna be too near
Trust is for believers and love can keep the faith
I don't need you, I can't buy you, I can't hurt you

Stand by my accusations
rebuild, your man's bionic
Put your trust in me, I never let you down
I always come up with a way to checkmate these clowns
I effeminate these clowns,
is so much more
Outside this box
I've built around my heart

Change the way I'm thinking
Who You are again
jaw hits the floor as the words sink in
I didn't know you felt so strongly
Makes me wonder what went wrong

Trust barely drips through the sieve,
And where are the words for the leap in my chest
When mischief appears either side of the scar on your nose
Made by a rose thorn
So you claim 
By a rose
know what it's like when memories make you wince
And love letters read like obituaries
And photo albums are the books of the dead
I need no reminders,
You are what you eat
So what you eatin
Same message to your mind
Be self defeatin
Sick n tired of bein sick
And tired of bein beaten
Saw em drop it
this kind of material.
[Barbra (sung):] You have to pay a price, girl!
[Producer 2:] This album needs a hit single we can push.
[Barbra (sung):]They
You are what you eat
So what you eatin'
Same message to your mind
Be self defeatin'
Sick 'n' tired of bein' sick
And tired of bein' beaten
Artist: Fat Joe f/ Armageddon, Tony Sunshine
Album: Loyalty
Song: All I Need
Typed by:
[Talking: Fat Joe]
Cool & Dre
Who you
killed my enemys, occupy guns
Say goodbye cause you only die once
My minds grotesque and so ugly, so focused, so hungry
Trust me, young Gene Simmons,
beautifully articulated 

Demonstrated by the never faded strong facial feature 

of the teacher, I am the teacher, you can check it 

The styles they're
And (Cool J) you see my hand not what I got and
(L) Strictly evil in the big box (L)
And (Cool J) It's no stoppin when my shit knocks and
(L) Get it all

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