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    Together You And I Lyrics
Gonna take a sentimental journey
Gonna set my heart at ease
Gonna make a sentimental journey
To renew old memories
Got my bag
Got my reservation
N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 
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the lyric
When everybody come out, you got to hear it
Digital Underground, with the metaphysical thunder sound
KRS from the Boogie Down like that y'all
And let it set your should free
Let love be your lyric and peace be your melody
This is why we all came to be
Come and go with me

"Hey!"	"Can't nobody hold me.."

So niggaz wan' take it there, huh?
See y'all don't know what the fuck goin on
I know what time it is
Music by Sanrabb
Lyrics by Sanrabb
I will find my way
Through this void called life some day
I cast my spell to set them free
I serve the demons,
Ass stay up in airports
Black man still gettin' no support
Compensation we ain't seein'
Split by Europeans
Damn treated less than human beings
the KRS era 
No I won't let up, because of how I'm set up 
I come in the jam with the crazy fresh lyrics so you get up 
MC's get wet up, they met up with
left you alone
We all left you alone

[reversed lyrics 7:21-7:24]

Lock the children away from harm
They'll lock all your reason why
Seeking (?)
But should you feel by the winter's chill, 
Come to my window sill I'll never make you stay! 

Butterfly, I'll set you free, 
But once in a while,

Set it off on the left y'all 
Set if off on the right y'all 
Set it off 
Set it off by subjection 
Set it off on the right y'all 
Set it
and stand clear
You can't come near this hot sylin
Groove by the kid who's smooth as a violin
Aso the perfect lyric announcer

On the set with a cold
[Lyrics by Tharen]

Time has demanded it's sacrifice...
After thousands of burned books
And the murder of uncounted wise women and men
One should
fingers of dope'll
Be grabbin' it
Wit' no complaints
Givin' uppin' I ain't
On the mike
Like Karl Malone in the paint
Why rip a rapper
When he flow
Better fools than me
I'll cut it off
Run it off
Set it off
Anticipating thieves

CHAPTER FOUR (lyrics by Paul Thorstenson)

dire wraths haunt this garden
for the day he got smoked
Choke, off this anecdote got you ope
Get roast, by my lyrics Billy Dee .45 Colt
And I'm out for nine nickel (INS the rebels)
Lyrics by Suzanne Vega
Music by Suzanne Vega & Mitchell Froom 

I only turned to see
What hand had set this inner field alight
Against the flame
the gate again  time to raise the stakes again 
Fatten my plate again  why'all cats know we always play to win 
G A N G  to the Starr's  son 
Haters  took
Big L, rest in peace

Fresh out the gate again, time to raise the stakes again
Fatten my plate again, y'all cats know we always play to win
Big L, rest in peace

Fresh out the gate again, time to raise the stakes again
Fatten my plate again, y'all cats know we always play to win
a writer,
Yeah the passenger hopped out, but you got shot by the driver
There's a killer like everywhere, so why would you take it there,
calm, calm, calm
Lyrics for lyrics, calm

Yeah, hear me on the radio, wah gwan?
See me on the TV, hi mum
Murk MCs when the mic's in my palm
one line you can tell it's mine
With a baseball cap that's black that I'm wearin
And a look that keeps you all starin
And wondering why I'm invincible
Here I go again ready to flow again
Better hold my mic don't blow again
Warned by alarms when the mic gets warm
Crowd'll get critical can't keep