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This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the One World Album. It has also been released on The Country Roads Collection album
France mon rap ne touchera pas les states
J'm'appelles S.I.N.I.K j'exige qu'on me respecte

Fred :
Ok, Sinik t'en es maintenant à ton deuxième album
[Chorus: x8]
This a trap
This ain't no album
This ain't no game
This a trap (trap muzik)

Welcome back to the trap
Niggas back in the trap
locked in my basement (ha ha) 
Feminist women love Eminem 
Chicka chicka chicka Slim Shady I'm sick of him 
Look at him, walking around grabbing his you
I make music to make you sick of fake music
Hate music like devil worshippin Satan music
So say your prayers, your Hail Mary's
I do is tell you dudes where the Western Union dough
You need my social security info?
Here's my tax I.D. number, it's worth ten fold
I remember my
And when I see you I'ma take what I want
So, you tried to front, hope ya (got yo'self a gun)
You ain't real, hope ya (got yo'self a gun)

My, first album
[Verse 1]
My, first album had no famous guest appearances
The outcome: I'm crowned the best lyricist
Many years on this professional level
Why would
focus and self motivated
Results to women doing tings x rated
I'm mean you just got to keep control
I no a few stars that sold their soul
Even servicing
[Verse I]
Dear Slim, I never wrote you or been calling
My name ain't Stan son nah we've never met and
My name's KJ let me begin by introducing now
(Certified Wise)
Somethin' I take very seriously (I sensualise, Certified Wise)

Every songs a collection of kids charmed lives
Like the porn section of gary