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And swords are raised with hatred
Both forged in pain and blackness
Destined to spread the veil of Death

The battle doesn't seem to end
Such is their
The iridescent shine
Through the veil of your humility 

Vast is the sunshine and the sea
Vast is the heavens watching over me
And the stars that pierce
by tears
Drowned by tears of Northerly blood
Runes of force,
Fulfillment of a sombre ordeal I know
"Pierce the side of the neverending blindness
This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the Windsong album, and has also been released on the Country Classics album.

Sing songs
Foul and hostile forces
Those Kalifornia Kiddies shinning in the sun
Those Kalifornia Kiddies love 'em every one
They listened to the sky with you
tonight at midnight the butcher will rise
When the sun foes down you best not find yourself
With no one home you're not alone
You'll all be dead by dawn
Two duelists fence with ethereal blades
And as the sword pierces the heart
A misty veil enshrouds them both
A man whose faithless wife betrayed
Around an altar of stone while the eye of Satan
Beholds from its high seat in the starless sky

Dark eyes stares with carnal blood lust at the fettered
Around an altar of stone while the eye of Satan
Beholds from its high seat in the starless sky

Dark eyes stares with carnal bloodlust at the fettered
through fire shall hold your fears at bay
See in my ancient eyes
Rip through my veil of disguise

Prowl in the darkness, pierce your throat
And your
to the earthFrom the sky at forty-five degreesAnd the stone will crack with the force
Oh, I had a dreamI thought I was aloneAnd the veil of all the yearsFell
Behind the veil of mist the dawn is breaking
To blind us with its kiss upon awaking
Pull back the morning curtain
A day that is most uncertain
the midnight sky
Cover me with your fire's ashes
Cover me with your midnight veil
Cover me with your smoky river
Cover me, dancing Virginia
There's a pain
our wounds

Dogs were barking at the gates
The veils were lifted
The highest will to breathe
Before the night became us

Can you walk with me
Grey sky, always in your eye
Where is the girl behind the cloud?
Grey sky, always floating by
But I only peek when I'm allowed

You welcome me
with its back to the sea
O darling don't put your veil over me

From thinking a life was about them when, long
They were the thorn in its side
Streets are full of rain
Lightning cracks the sky
Hear a lonely cry, eyes full of pain

Searchin' in the darkness
Eyes pierce the night
Smoky autumn night, stars up in the sky,
I see the sailin' boats across the bay go by.
Eucalyptus trees hang above the street
And then I turn my
Don't bother I'm not avail
No marriage keep the veil
I'm in love with the night
Ya she's great for some fun
Ya she's dope for my head
Oh she's good
fulfillment be broken
Hide no longer behind the veil of unconvincing lies

So pound the drum and strike the chords of chaos
So scream out to the skies
Down the place, come hell riders 
Blood on ice resign breath 
Consumed by this lust into battle 
Staring down the lies of dead 

Skies are mad with
A cold wind pierce through his bones
And the sharp rocks cut his feet
His clothes and skin are ripped by thorns
His eyes appear to bleed"

The land is
through my anguished heart
And tainted skys, where once demons remained
As the silent darkness breeding
Winters hate in silouettic sky
Stained with


the devil in the soul
The sun's light blotted out
Skies filled with savage black birds
Devouring creation, devouring my heart
My soul, a multitude

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