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or talk the game
We found true beauty and we weren't afraid to go ahead and


If Mandisa ain't changed your mind
It ought to be flipped by
The last album was dope y'all and here we go again!

No applause, no applause, thank you, thank you
We're back again, and we're plannin on rockin you
we're gonna turn back the pages of time

And recapture some of the great sounds
Of legendary Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys
Yeah, what up with it ya'll(powerballin')
We come to the end of the powerballin' album
I hope you liked it and enjoy it (you know)
This song appears on four albums, and was first released on the Autograph Album, and has also been released on the Greatest Hits Vol 3, John Denver
Its bad boy, baby

We go by the name of q, mike, slim, daron
And this is part three
You know, like the third album
Like the third time we been here
like this...
We don't have any arrangement of it, they're just kinda faking it, and we'll just try it. If it works, we'll stick it on the album, if not,
We’re here with Mobb Deep, what’s up fellas?

Yeah chill, Prodigy, yo

What’s up?

Yeah, this Havoc, what up?

So Mobb Deep, where you guys
From the album best of donovan

An' my belly is craving, I got shakin' in my head
I feel like I'm dyin' an' I wish I were dead
If I lived till
any outdoor studios, so I'm gonna go with indoor

Okay, great, me too. Great interview; I'll let you know when we're gonna put it up on the blog
(I love you)
(I love you)

Sometimes I wish it was ten years ago
We were starting all over again
Yet the way that I feel is much more than just
cracks sack by sack so they could function?
Well, yes and no
Yes we were selling it
But no it wasn't blow
Cook it in the basement then move it at a show
It was just a whole new concept
Soul II soul, Soul

Are Soul II Soul still real?
For real

Well, of course we were fortunate enough
That our timing
Definitely the oldest song on the album, it was originally recorded on our first album (1990), In Love With The Greenery, when we played under
we're in trouble
Let's be optimistic - pessimistic makes me sick
C'mon optimistic - get up - make it big
I can't fight cause I'm a prisoner of the night
and ancient Hebrews
We were oppressed under Logan's yoh
Till a native black lying bare and ambush
Did deal out tyrant with his mortal stroke

My fellow
can we ask you a few questions about the new Body Count album?

Yeah, what is it, what what wa's up wa's up wa's up?

On the last album we didn't
Oh hideous year we angels have lead
We're dead, we're sick and hanging by thread
Get real, get real

You can't stop meaningful teenage cries
and there will come a time
When to each other we'll be kinder
Than we were, than we were
And there will come, and there will come
A peace of mind, a peace
driven by the
Rain to act

We're suspect to the laws
Passed for real
When we're the realest
Thing we've seen
Taken by the hand from above
I really
heard the George Harrison version 'til we were mixing our album and the engineer brought it to the studio. I was/am really into the Leon Russell version
respect and honor
And I got plenty of that, so until sheek lou child, next l.o.x. album
And all the mtherfucking rest of the albums we do from the double
no dummy, that's the s*** I'm sprinklin
The album width to keep the registers ringin

In real life, I'm much more distinguished
I'm like a bloke
that's the shit I'm sprinklin'
The album width to keep the registers ringin'
In real life, I'm much more distinguished
I'm like a bloke from London,
the same
For the first is just the last one when you play a deadly game

It's about time we realize it we're all in this together
It's about time we find out