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the honey
Baby, way there over there by the apple tree

Now, look-a-there
She kind-a, big n' fat
Now, look-a-there 
A-but it ain't like that
Low Down Ways Track 14 3:10 
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Recorded: December 17, 1938 - Aurora, Illinois- Leland Hotel

Well, tell me baby
What's gettin' wrong wit'ch you?
Why don't you hear me, pretty mama
Listen to what I'm sayin', bay-by?

Tell me baby
Anger, but yo that's Mr. Funkee Wallbanger
Concieved in the fire by you warned through disaters
The funky child was taught to the ways of the masters
The way they hate on Godi and Ubi is fuckin' comedy

The combination so uncommon a cause of company
To covet me and cover my cost, cousin, now come at me
Conceived in the fire by you warned through disasters
The funky child was taught to the ways of the masters
Mr. Funkee, yes girl the black mack
N9ne units sold
And whoever you bitch niggas is saying, I'm kicking it in Lee Joes log
Lee Joe'll tell you I'm original, and by the way Lee Joe my dog!
grandfather's father
'Te I know it gotta hurt a man they stand by the slaughter
Oughta be locked away when I rock this way
Get rocked on the airwaves but not
dope by the ki's, bundles, and pounds
Crown niggas in the way of progress
Mobbstress with intelect above the rest
Of the nanny goes wanna be sex symbols
feat. Nelly
[Intro: Nelly]
Can I get a hey hey?
I get a ho ho
Can I get a hey hey?
I get a ho ho

[Verse 1: Murphy Lee]
[Verse One].. What's
wore bell-bottom Lee suits
Me and Kenny couldn't afford that
So we would go to the park when they was jammin' to hear rap
I used to listen till the cops
that I catch and I throw back
And by the way, give 50 Cent his flow back
You that cat in the club that get hit with a bottle
Fuckin' with me? You better
a beef nigga bring it on 
Cause when I'm done  it'll be my dick that you're swingin on 
From the way I say my rap clear 
I make people more excited than
what pocket I had left, my handkerchief
I’m guilty by affiliation, in many ways gangsta
But let me explain something, a paradox if you may
I threw all my
while I reveal myself into the industry
By smokin lyrical chokin teacher provokin MC
Clear the way for me, unique, delete the weak
As I defeat the claim