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get smacked up
By the are-you-N-D-M-see (that's where it's at cuz)
Known as the tough cats, kickin' tough rough raps
In jeans, leather jackets, my
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    Together You And I Lyrics
promise me you'll tell this story when you make it big
And if I die before your album drop I hope --

When the lights shut off
And its my turn to settle
me with E's
He got a cousin named David and I seen him last week
This is the life of another girl damaged by the system
These foster homes, I run
We straight

Extra, extra read all about it
The Legit Ballers came out with with an unbelievable album
Fuck a truce put the side on the news
call on them to help out when there is a threat
But I guess it's because I'm white, if I was black I'd be scared to death
When David Banner asked us
being all that inaccurate
When he says we're winning the war cos its staggering
But that's cause we're killing everybody that we see
And most of us
that's 'cause we're killing everybody that we see

And most of us soldiers we can barely fall asleep
And time and time again I'm feeling incompetent
Artist: Flesh-N-Bone f/ Big Punisher, Fat Joe
Album: T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls)
Song: No Mercy

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, real