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niggas talk sideways dawg
Where niggas close streets & chalk sidewalks off
No evidence, niggas use revolvers dawg
Empty, squeeze, aim til' there ain't no
Say ho, everybody say ho
By the way yo
I said shake your soul like way back in the day-yo
By the way yo, everybody say ho
Everybody say,
directed to contents of our intestines
Urinalyis followed by X-rays
Interrogated and detained til damn near the next day

No evidence, no apology and no
with me 

My debut album it's all prophecy 

No predictions in my knack can't mock me 

Got to hear this at least two times then you can copy
41 shots, a young brotha deceased
Gunned down by police, is there no justice, no peace?
So fuck the police, listen, I walk with P.
can't let go
You niggas'll never see me, I'm on another level
Stay ready to dig a grave, keep a gun and a shovel
And pouring gas too, if there evidence
Intro: DJ KaySlay]
Aiyyo it's DJ KaySlay the Drama King
And for those of y'all that don't know
I'm workin with a new artist, he goes by the name
Chucky Smash Now close your eyes..visualize and see what we be 

Seeing...eveident with the evidence...nobody be