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Feel like making love
George benson
Strollin' in the park, watching winter turn to spring
Walkin' in the dark, seein' lovers do their thing
the place I grab the mike and your attention 
Me not getting that is like the night to George Benson 
Freestyle phenomenon drop bombs like Lebanon 
I shoulda been by know
Cadilacs stand to the tree line I making then be like
Swerving to the curv tires pealin rubber pealin
Pull up to a halt but
that I am best and
Muscle bound rhymes that's why I'm flexin
Um de dumb de dumb dumb di
When I walk by girls cry cause I'm fly
Dang digi dang de dang
the relics were found) and
Interred here in Santiago...I picked up a CD collection of music emanating from
The pilgrimage route to Santiago, as well as a CD by


to a duel, I drool, before I break through, then I drag emcees, 

beat um' down to their knees, grab their necks and squeeze!,