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killing this game so blind as 
Its so clear to its my time 


Fyi room by V.I.C. come dominate 
The game so dont come trying, 
This here
this shit for little Vic
That 12-year-old kid that only wanna hear that real shit
This is a thank you letter to all my fans
For coming along for
And the way you wear ya jeans, is means to cuss
So DAMN!, how you get them on, DAMN! big secrets on her
Throwback chick, hotter than Ms. Vic Damone
And the way you wear ya jeans, is means to cuss
So DAMN!, how you get them on, DAMN! big secrets on her
Throwback chick, hotter than Ms. Vic Damone
Ha ha ha ha.... 

(Here we go) {repeated throughout song}

2 whomever it may concern
You must come 2 your senses
There are no kings on this earth,
This song was first released on the It's About Time Album. It is the only album it has been released on.

There's somethin' about the ocean rising up
From the album donovan

There's a Brave New World awaiting all you kids out there
With a brand new way of getting through your day there
Don't you
Loyal fans and newfound followers
Whassup y'all? Hello how are you doin out there?
You're chillin I'm winnin
Oh by the way the album's out go get
The Rooftop, Latin Quarter, cause I was there
Red Alert downtown, Brucie Bee uptown
Grandmaster Vic had a different sound
You had block parties, with free
You're So Beautiful

This song appears on three albums, and was first released on the John Denver
Album, and has also been released
The Very Best of John Denver (Single CD) and The John Denver Collection - Rocky Mountain High albums.

Raven's child
Is chasing salvation
Black beak turned
This song was first released on the Some Days Are Diamonds Album. It is the only album it appears on.

For someone who's got everything, life can

There's a full moon over India and Gandhi lives again
Who's to say you have to lose for someone else to win
In the eyes of all the people the look is much
You, there is no one like you 
And all the things you do 
I want to spend my time with you 
I, hope that I am your type 
And that we could
you, you love me"
The shorty Phife Dawg is your favorite MC
So move back yaself dread, you know the element
The Tribe is good for your health like
The question is why the answer what makes
If you wants my opinion I tell you don't take x 2


(Smoothe Da Hustler)
Why is it hard for my words
you can put your chalk away
I mobb back in the club, and, kick it at my table
'Cause, niggaz be acting stupid, and stupid shit is fatal

The homies
From the Album:
* Winter harvest

In my house
There is anything you need
In my house yeah baby
You don't have to wipe your feet
In my
moments there and
That's all caught on the album. yeah, the production that chris
Tsangarides has done is right in your face. that's the best description
My raps is better than yours
My plaques is better than yours
My tracks is better than yours
You can have one but I have to charge

We can start
what you see in the streets
Despite what you influenced by, the life of crime has many downs
A little bit of ups, and everything you do got
357 Mag in a Jag S-Type
don't talk me to death, you mothafuckas is just gettin' by
while I'm rich bitch, just gettin' high
you ain't on my level, you
sentence me to years
Of hearin' my vic's voice even when nothin' is there

I still picture your affection
I still hear you like we're talkin' on the phone
Yo, yo can y'all' hear me out there
Let me intoduce myself ladies and gentlemen
See I go by the name of Big Woody Rock
And I'd just like you
give you much time as it's happening real soon
It'll start with a whimper, it'll end with a bang
It'll leave a big hole where we could have sang

This is