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the heavens

Mighty : the wind of storm
Forks of lightning lacerates dark sky
From within : the clouds : ablaze
By the flash of the silver hammer
Listen to a spin
Make it into the shape
You want it in

Earth and fire and wind conspire
With human hands, and love, and fire

Words and Music by Bill
of blood and fire gorging on the sacred feast
Bounty of the goddess offered by the avatar
White blood spills with the singing of the scimitar

at my side

By water, by air, by fire, by earth

Oh purificator water, essence of life
Mirror of time, drown the lies

Earth, mother's man
Get the fire as the flame it burns
Get the wind as it slowly turns
Get the earth as it circles by
Get the sky sea creation fly

This point
Then you run to the underground

Just a blue star
Hanging out in space
Earth town is a lovely place
Strange winds coming from the sky
Lovers gotta
The day of eclipse
Brought by baptism of fire
Rebirth of future
Falls from the skies


Reorganizing life
With withering conscience
This song appears on four albums, and was first released on the Autograph Album, and has also been released on the Greatest Hits Vol 3, John Denver
And feed this world
Ruled by greed

Oh, ball of fire
In the summer sky
Your healing light
Your parade of days
Are they betrayed
By the men of power
There's a big beautiful planet in the sky
It's my home, it's where I live
You and many others live here too
The earth is our home it's where we
Paint a new world
Moon sun and stars are risin'

I paint a new world
Magical brushes will lighten
A tame new world
Earth, wind, fire and sea
The tide must rise the tide must rise
Its the law of earth and skies
The tide will rise, the tide will rise
Its as natural as day to night
As day
As the ball of sunset fire
Falls into the sea
And the diamond lights
Start dancing in the sky of ebony
All that I see before me
Screams out your
and to poison even the air
and he killed every beast
and taught the seas how to bleed
Burned by the fire we make,
what a shame
Then the winds gave in
with hope
Searching for truth past

Sing to the winds
Where the earth meets the sky
Sing to the winds
Scream to the sky

Everlasting winter, 
Frostwinds rode the skies
Neverending darkness, 
Until fire walks the earth

Cold winds of darkness, 
Give me shelter
Words & music by Don Baird ( publishing...
(From Willie Nelson "My Own Peculiar Way" and other albums... and Anita Kerr Singers
the meaning of life ends in prophecy
Premonitions bring tragedy
Is the hope for humanity

Molten fire flies through the sky
Burnin' high eclipse of the sun
the heart o
The bird fluttered long and the sky it did spin
And the cold earth did wonder and startle
O where is the raven that I struck down dead
Ice winds tears drips on my my unbeloved soul
Coven of black mist sing for me
Ceremonial hymns of the purest blasphemy
At one with the earth
the sky
WIND - sweeping all rocks and trees aside
LAVA - emerging out of volcanoes
QUAKES - shake the earth to split
DEATH - from the clouds

the heart o
The bird fluttered long and the sky it did spin
And the cold earth did wonder and startle
O where is the raven that I struck down dead
I am embraced by the night
-embraced by the night!!!
Fire... burning through my veins
as my life starts to fade,
my soul leaves the earth
Sunlight, falling on your steel,
Death in life is your ideal,
Life is like a wheel, rolling on and on.

Through earth and water, fire and wind,
you came
the wind
As my Chariot strives in the Storm
With the hot blood of Battle
I wait in my saddle
I live and I'll die by the sword

Crack the Earth, Gods