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summer dress
     The reasons why I misbehave
     You say you're a woman
     Not a little girl
     I can tell by the way you smile
     The time
In this album there’s a picture
Of the ladies at Daniela’s
You can tell it’s from the eighties
By the volume of their hair
There’s Usnavi, just
home told June and me
That we'd have separate rooms side by side,
Oh what I'd give for one more night of sleeping with my wife,
Since '45 I've touched
They all know I'm a threat hoppin out the Lex
I got a bitch for every letter in the alphabet
Like Aron and Brandy, Cary and Donna
Erica and Felicia
a gritty fiend for, 
Money, power, respect, get it by any means uh,
New Yorker, slick talker, walk like a brick flipper,
Decimal doctor, multiply to get
was thirteen and good we had a hotter date
It was just a number she never told she was knocked up
By the end of the summer chick almost had me locked
don't shoot anymore
My deal got signed so the spirits all up
We shot the album front cover up by the shops
We just wanna rep the manor right, give it
The night falls on another single summer 
It’s kinda cool so I put on my jumper
Yeah, it remind me of Kehlani’s album cover
I might take
Felon, fights behind me on the intersection
Sex and drugs my anthology on perfection
Dress superb admired by conspirists
Who wanna try me but ain't high
Say I won't go drop a double album, and rap double time on all dub-step
Got no producers, just me rockin' over beatboxin' by Dougie Fresh
Say I won't
the feel, I guess I'm passionately pimpin'
It 'tis what it seems
That thing imprintin' through the seams of my jeans, by all means
Lost it all, from lives
And the high summer's night passed swiftly. At length, the dawn approached tentatively, and with the first signs of the newborn sun etching its promise upon
cryin, pullin on my cape
Massive meltdown, bring the red tape
Back up victims who caught the vapes
New lp, time to make papes
Get the album
labels only props they get is in Saturday Night Live skits
Then off buildings for tryin to diss me this and that
Kidnapped they kids like I was starrin' in
the purpose of doing all this talking

Summer '88, or was it '89
Or was it winter-time, ah, nevermind
I'm in my room, boomin' drawin' LL Cool J album covers
Can you feel that it's real
I tell my girl don't wait up, you know how it is
These long summer nights and for the moments I live
Passion has a price,
Word that's true and even my crew
The truth is without me those dudes are borderline useless

Which brings me to my solo LP, my new website, my summer

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