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Life pours down into the neon heart (It's late at night)
Cement City is all a-spark (Yeah that's right)
The whores are loose and the dames are abroad
from the heart, I represent hip hop
I be three albums deep, but I don't wanna go pop
Too many candy rappers seem to be at the top
Too much candy is no
Under city lights to the hospital
Hit him with the chest rockers, shockers
Pop him open just to keep his heart racing (clear)

Will he make
are now
Since "Can I Borrow a Dollar?" Ooh I'm a star now
I'm coming from Chi-town, we was the first to do it
Me, No I.D., Twilite Tone on the music
Once upon a time, in the city of Los Angeles...
"Marty, Marty listen to me. Bring me something the kids will cry for.
Get out there, and get us
and the first beat I made was, uh, "Heart of the City." And Beans was still working on his album at that time, so I came up there to Baseline, it was Beans'
to perfect this art,
When Next left the group it near broke my heart,
But then Debris stepped up as the DJ,
A super team spearheaded by PJ,
Chasing dreams like
The highest professorship, my English etiquette
Compels me to not say it if I can't spell it bitch
My circularised 3rd Eye, sees all
Atlantis was surrounded by
tell when you hear the cannons
Brooklyn is the heart of the city from where I'm standing
Watching Ralph McDaniels kept me up on my music
Friday afternoon
Shutup yo, yo, yo, yo
My life's not right [check one]
My life's not right [check two]
My life's not right [check three]
Are you ready?

Shutup yo, yo, yo, yo
My life's not right [check one]
My life's not right [check two]
My life's not right [check three]
Are you ready?

Heart is saying: "I will once I bury this bitch alive
Hide the shovel and then drive off in the sunset"

I flee the scene like it was my last ride
cyclopean monuments. Feh! If only they knew the true extent of this great cosmic puzzle! They are as fools who view a tapestry in a darkened room by the light
Yeah, early 2014 I was on the Knock Madness tour
I was mad about it, I half-assed my album cause I really didn't know what I was rapping for
I was
squad of design monsters
Innovating the styles that made biters look like imposters

So we scripted an album and signed to Rawkus
Selling a hundred
this bar!

By two o'clock, when the bars are already closed down, BILLY had broken 'THE BIG NEWS' to ETHELL. And with dust and boulders everywhere,