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Save your best moves. It gets weird
Billions of cops, smoke and mirrors
Carrying creed cards we all race for death
Hope to be saved by our next
black, with the oak wood
Gucci shoes, that's how I play

Hold up, I don't gamble, I don't play no craps
I was taught early on don't jeopardize
album's hot and your album's not
I done been getting movie deals
I done been getting paid like Vinzel
I done been by ?
And five double o's
And 1 2's
Wasn't really into rap but the shit sound tight
He used to tell me all the time
Don't wet none sis
By this time next year we gon' be dumb rich
That's when
Uh! Its that boy Magnificent
AKA Maaagno
The Rookie Of Da Year
Be on the lookout for that solo album coming soon

It's Magnificent, but you
on the strip, rep thugs on the street

Digga Digga, first name Rashia
Rock the mic crazy, wouldn't wanna be ya
Had a nice wing since my early teens
Now I'm grown
get out of it
Any and all should fall, many are small should call
Naughty By Nature the creator of all y'all
Show hope, show no hope and can't cope,
ahead when I'm ahead light years

(Here, here I come again)
Gong originally, run fi the grand finally
(Have no fear, for it is only I)
I do it
offended by this, but that’s the market y’all missed
That’s the target I’ll hit
And that’s the heart of my pitch
I wanna do this whole thing different

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