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un tremblement d'ter-toss

Amène ta clique: on les couche tous
On arrive dans l'rap tout schuss
Lourd comme la patate à Mouss Diouf
Drive-by en
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    Together You And I Lyrics
with no cash flow, is like Luke without his gaped teeth
So forget, what my Porsche cost
Just realize I got enough do', to pay for R. Kelly's court
claped by (BANG) Your girl got magged (BANG) by that smooth criminal
I'm A product of my environment
I aint saying me and you are any different im just
Trois hommes peuvent garder un secret que si deux d’entre eux sont morts
Mes punchlines c’est d’l’or, l’album c’est une bijouterie
Three passports, Three first class tickets to the money 
Straight flights 

I live by the cold war 
Drove from round the globe 
All I need is