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and music by John Denver
-originally featured on the "In The Nightside Eclipse" album under
Title "Inno a Satana".
Original music & arrangements by Insahn & Samoth.
so full of holes

Words and music by williams
one when thinking of each other
More than partners much more than pieces more than friends
Words and music by John Denver
Listen to a spin
Make it into the shape
You want it in

Earth and fire and wind conspire
With human hands, and love, and fire

Words and Music by Bill
escape caring for you all of the time

All of the time
All of the time

Words and music by John Denver
See the trees rush by
Be brave and strong when you hurt yourself
And don't you have a worry in the world

Words and Music by Jack Williams
the sky, six in my hands.
Chrous from: shannon - "let the music play." from the album of the same name
We let the music play, we don't get away.
Words & music by Don Baird ( publishing...
(From Willie Nelson "My Own Peculiar Way" and other albums... and Anita Kerr Singers
Loyal fans and newfound followers
Whassup y'all? Hello how are you doin out there?
You're chillin I'm winnin
Oh by the way the album's out go get
to you

Words and music by Steve Weisberg
Thomas Wayne with the DeLons
Words and Music by Gerald H. Nelson and Fred B. Burch
Peaked at # 5 in 1959
Later charted at # 10 in 1961 by
touch you again
I just need to love you again
I want to be with you again
Touch you again
Love you again
With you again

Words and music by John Denver
the land that makes me sing

Words and music by John Denver
He lives in the love
That lives in our hearts

Words and music by John Denver and Joe Henry
can be
That's how I will love you, oh darling, endlessly

Darling, endlessly
Darling, endlessly


Transcribed by Robin Hood

of hits coming at this hour
This is WMFW FM
This hour we got Bob Marley
The sounds of Miriam Makeba, Muta Baruka

We got the live music group Gumbo coming
for 3 weeks in 1966
-Words and Music by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil

Girl, I can't let you do this
Let you walk away
Girl, how can I live through
-previously a number one R&B hit for writer Hunter in 1950
-Words and Music by Ivory Joe Hunter

When I lost my baby (baby)
I almost lost my mind
When I
Yeah, I just thought we'd talk about music a little bit too

I'd love to talk about music

Cool, Dilated Peoples album.

You're putting out a photo
worries in a cloud of dust
Right there by the old fence post

Yeah, we're gonna drink a little beer, play a little music
And have a big time tonight
John Denver, music by John Denver and Glen D Hardin
and Music by Robert Higginbotham

Put on your red dress, baby
Ya know we're goin' out tonight
Put on your red dress, baby
Lord, we're goin' out tonight
There's a melody that passes through this town

Words and Music by David Mallett
Words and music by John Denver

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