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Booth Willie:] "Go fuck yourself you son of a bitch! 
 I'll come right outta the booth and fuckin' whack ya, you fuckin' prick!"
 [Another car
Words & music by Don Baird ( publishing...
(From Willie Nelson "My Own Peculiar Way" and other albums... and Anita Kerr Singers
With a rope ladder hanging from the ceiling

When sliding down the rope came Willie Nelson
Sayin' "Son, let's find the party that never ends"
That’s right, you go ahead, I’ll be a okay
'Cause I got Jose, Captain Morgan
Not to mention old George and Tammy, Loretta, Merle, Willie Nelson, Big John
like Willie
Nelson, so what the hell son, no bore ya
Anoy ya when I spill the beans like lawyer
I saw ya, tried to pick my style, hit the balls
I guess
Beat a Willie Nelson of the new generation
A risin legacy shoutin across every nation
I need a passport luggage and a new Rolls Royce
50 Billion but I
a southern drawl, 
Acts like Toby Keith, but sounds a lot like Tim McGraw 

But if he's country I'll kiss your ass, 
And throw all my Willie Nelson records
we got for all them lost souls that done passed away 
In the Gump and we also dedicate this album to our close homeboy 
Willie Dickerson
Rest in Peace
some guitar
Riff to Willie Nelson lifted from Bob Seeger
When I was younger I was so eager
To have a gun, I would do the same
Couldn't wait to get
keep faggot like RuPaul 

troop to the new sensation fuck that whole wannabe gangster fascination 

The illusion is broke, or cock albums mispoke