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know it, then I'm all yours
Listen Jake, she'll understand, this is more important
Oh really? You wanna tell her that?
'Cause if I ever did she'd
the Snake, Gold Dust and Owen Heart
I miss it and Freddy and Jason Volies
I miss sneaking down the to TV and watching late night movies

bad old pussycat
Cuban connection,flexin,wilin,sippin crystal by the gallon ,Queens
(Royal Flush-No doubt)
Iced down medallions
(Royal Flush-What's it
Flush, what's it all about?)
Iced down medallions
Cuban connection, flexin', willin', sippin' Don P. by the gallon, Queens stalion
(Royal Flush, no
And you can knock on my door
But you can't knock the hustle
But I- it's like a game of twenty-one and I got nineteen
And my Jake but I put more
and show no respect
"Is there a problem officer?" Damn straight, it's called race
That motivate the jake (woo-woo) to give chase
Say they want you
on his check
The po-po stop him and show no respect
"Is there a problem officer?" Damn straight, it's called race

That motivate the jake (woo-woo)
and commission 
I got it all figured out like Columbo 
I'll drop you like Dumbo 
Your album is weak, and so is your video 
Or should I say wackeo 
Your girl
where I'm from, I'm on these Red Bottoms, Rick Owens
I been rocking them Jordans, I said now, Ag compound
Gimme money, I'll throw it
My hair luxurious,
and zucchini
With your broad in Tahiti, spaghetti string bikini
I don't spit on tracks, I throw up on 'em like bulimic
Pardon, my 'High Tymes' album a problem
I move for 'self, only me and my steel
Cause shit is real and leary niggas will rat you out
Get under pressure by the jakes when they smack 'em out
by the jakes
Had the work tucked, guns in the truck
Licenses suspended, but remember

All I do is beat the case
All I do is beat the case
All I
Artist: Inspectah Deck 
Album: The Movement 
Title: It's Like That 

feat. DJ Kay Slay
[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]
Yeah, this that brand new Rebel
Blow your face out, and shake out the dandruff
The jakes won't make out the handprints
I'm as real as it gets, with the steel and the clips
Blue and whites ride by and niggaz yell, "Fuck them Jakes!"
So much respect, I can lay dough on the floor
walk away and come back without cats runnin