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Droppin' jams that slammed on every radio program
And bam, got damn, look where I am
The first album, long live the kane, it sold
About umm aww fukkit it
Kranichstein, Lowrider, High 5
Aj, dreh' dein Album auf Stand-by
Jetzt kommt OL, Bandanas mit Tec-9s
Du solltest wegbleiben, alles vorbei
Du weißt doch, wie
the box link chain
I'm wearing my frames
They match my gear with their tint
And you know Lagerfields is the scent

Now, my nigga Rafael just got his jeep
That's when they fall cause they met my balls
Right after I played ball
No wash-up, no nothin'. hear what I say y'all?
O.k. y'all. ask aj y'all
I'll turn