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"Mother Popcorn" by James [Brown].
Okay, umm, I wanted to ask you now, you just recently just changed your name to Soul Asylum,
and up until that
than Sean Paul's goatee hair
Now Jean Paul Gaultier cologne fill the air, here
They say he bougie, he big-headed
Would you please stop talking about
all know each other
With the command of your voice, they all
Become lovers, lovers, lovers, lovers

[Mike Jones]
I can catch boppers like Paul
everything to gain
I wonder would you still check for me if everything just changed
And the only things that's left is the memories
Of the days where money
I dreamed I thanked Scott Ian for persistence of time
Back when Steve and Eva died that album changed my life
It was a package of pure darkness tied
who rises above
The road that is wide and filled with self love
Everything that I see draws me
Though it's only in You that I can truly see that its
do I explain my little cranial expressions
Intuition, premonition, or demonic possession?
It could be God, an angel, or my dead uncle Paul
Or that
came in range, we said yes now we changed,
Not the same, even though I made a fall,
Since I got that call, no more Saul, now I'm Paul.

tapes was all they ever heard
But the whole crowd sang along with me word for word
And that changed everything
Went to Seventy Five Girls and hooked up
By the type of motherfuckers who ain't scared of shit
And if you playing this album, and I'm no longer here
And sometime far away from when I recorded
wanna lose my soul.)

Lord forgive us when we get consumed by the things of this world,
That fight for our love, and our passion,
As our eyes are open
changed everything
Went to Seventy Five Girls and hooked up with Dean
Real player-ism and that's no joke
Snort a lot of coke with ho's that like to smoke
My naked eyes are like my memory chips
Everything digested comes up when I spit
I say so be it without a whistle, call it how I see it (Yeah)
call it my birthplace
Whenever I walk in they makin' the worst face
Surrounded by Fillipinos I think of the worst case
Watch blue and green diamonds I