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the many of fame, this world planted in me
When I was just a child, I was misunderstood
Til I saw your finger in the cloud, I was picked from the hood
I was
22, betatrons in the cloud chamber
Keep the noise down so I don't arouse my neighbors
Got a message from the falcon in the snow man
Another note in
and I got it covered
Somehow always rise above it
Why you think I got my head in the clouds on my last album cover?
The game is all mine and I'm mighty
and draw a line across the stage pulpit 

I dare a motherfucker to cross it 
I'll even call my man Black Rob at two in the mornin 
Tell him it's
I didn't get the album out, somebody cock blocked it
In 99 I smacked the blackball right in the side pocket
When I drop it take ya plaque
Look man!  You're botherin' me G
I got shit to do right now, aight?
This is for De La Soul, why'knahmsayin?
Word up I got shit to do you test tube
the only one in the game
That's is gonna do it for years and years man
It's like, you know, how you gonna say
That I went out at the top of the game?
The top
N.Y. national league of big guys with stolen 5's
Albums cloud him, phantom of the opera style
With loud phones, system, 100 thousand watts in em
Murder y'all professionally no hype man next to me
That only puts him in jeopardy of bein an accessory
Can't control my conduct facin you
The radio adds
And if you listen very close
You'll hear a humming
Beneath the surface of our purpose lies
Rumors of ancient man
Dressed in cloud face minstrels in
fought that dude
I read the paper it said the pigs caught that dude
Its sad another black man taking by a black hand
Wish your last night in the club we
blow smoke in the sky
I know you closer to cloud 9 my boy so go on and get high
I see your mama shaking her head and wiping her tears from her eyes
armies of the Imperium assembled before the towering cyclopean walls of ancient Gul-Kothoth. It was some time before the billowing dust cloud raised by
Bring a box of fifty House of Windsors
We about to blaze this pound of the real sticky
Bum rush in my lungs with a cloud of smoke, puff 'em
'Bout ready
Talking:Cuz I'm tellin you man they ain't nothing else to talk about
the same shit every motherfuckin album, I don't give a damn how many he put 

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