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thick but still lick through and through
Always wanted a guy to come and try
To get sly and try to get by my
Ain't it a treacherous style that's
[P. Wagner, J. Schroeder/P. Wagner]

[This is a fun-version with new words of an very old song from Avenger, the band that became Rage in late '85.
to no good the whole world would ask us
And when the girls would walk by we would try to catch their eye
And if they didn't show face we would act
to see this nigga everyday up at the school 
I mean dude was cool type of fool 
who always said what he meant 
You could peep him at lunch
Freestylin by
by The Joker
Lorraine said I never can leave her
She'd sever my wiener I ever deceive her

F*** that s***, b****
Give up my dick for p****, I'd be
Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out
Giva fuck

[Sticky Fingaz]
This is AK-47, banana clip rap
Bloodstain your album cover before it get wrapped
bet this album fresh"
Premier was dressed like King, Guru was Malcolm X
In the video for "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?"
I came from the same place, I
never wanted hoes
Got to keep my mind on my money, cause I got a dream
While pulling up on the scene, jumping out of paper land
Tell me if Hilfiger chose
un tremblement d'ter-toss

Amène ta clique: on les couche tous
On arrive dans l'rap tout schuss
Lourd comme la patate à Mouss Diouf
Drive-by en