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everybody hating
Success to me is inspiration
'Cause how we supposed to know that what we dream is possible
If don't nobody that looks like us makes it?
that yoppa by the bed nigga french toast
Black Phantom out front nigga space ghost
Word on the street you looking for 4 and a heezy
Just pull up in
While our enemies all fear us
I'm have the whole city offline and
Marching at my pace
Hang on very line that I rhyme like monkeys in a cage

I think
By the type of motherfuckers who ain't scared of shit
And if you playing this album, and I'm no longer here
And sometime far away from when I recorded
much to me, I just wanna give right back to 'em you know
When 16 ain't enough, but I only get 16, that's like a cage you know
When 16 ain't enough, I