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to leave
From humble beginnings in that village to the birth of me
Birth of a Nation, shout out to Nate Parker
They take the spotlight off you if you
the song from Neal:

"Yes, Beware of Darkness was written by George Harrison, the ex-Beatle. It is the first cut on the 'All Things Must Pass' album
That's what it is
Trying to take all the fly shit off
And play like this
*****Erasure Lyrics*****
*****Version 1.0*****
Albums and be-Sides
-Painstakingly compiled and transcribed by John Setlik
Didn't I, didn't I
Say I didn't
Send you that money when ya' needed it 'cause you my nigga
Didn't I, didn't I
Say I didn't
Didn't I take off
the bullshit'll start
It only takes a second less you got on ice
Just for wearing your chain in they club, they'll beat you twice
Served with fried rice, you get
and I'd be on a yacht

Get your hands off my hips, or I'll punch you in the lips
Stop your staring at my' hey!
Take a hint, take a hint
No you
Set it off, set it off, set it off, set it
Set it off, set it off, set it off

[ Jay (later Jadakiss from The LOX) ]
I'm sayin 'WHAAAT?'
I had it an hear em
talkin' loud behind my back
What was good for the hood
Is what they say is wack
I take the stabbin' and grin
When I'm hit
I'm the blueprint, I have your clothes
Lookin' like they was designed by bullet holes and shoe prints
When I bless a joint, it's like Spock
Came up
fist stands firm because I'm, black and solid
I open up your pores like a plate full of collards
C'mon take it easy wouldya, easy easy
I'm up in
Kicked off my shoes, tripped acid in the rain
Wore my jacket as a cape, and my umbrella as a cane
The richest man rocks the snatch-less necklace
This song was first released on the Autograph album. It is the only album it has been released on.

He was stranded in some tiny town
On fair
(We can take it slow-ooo)
(No one has to know-ooo)

Oh Oh lets make a porno
You can taste me ill eat ya up like DiGiorno
Don't be shy that's
into the books
By the crooks of culture, the truth has a mother's looks
Who blesses and loves every single day
Words from Papa triple K and 66 right
Uhh, I'm in love with this pep
Switch a nigga up, put a thug in a dress
Chop a nigga head off, pick his head up
Turn it upside-down, drink his blood
the future and the food off my family's plate
You think you'll use me
I'm stronger than you
You take my money, but it's useless
When see what I do to you
and the food off my family's plate
You'll think you'll use me
I'm stronger than you
You take my money, but it's useless
When you see what I do to you
Look what
Groove to the sound of Jam Master Jay
It's the real, real deal
Don't you feel stupid?  Reel to reel, and we looped it
Takes it around, we threw
By the gestures they made and the words that they mumbled
Maybe I can slice a throat when I'm ready
It takes practice, training to keep a nail gun
and jumpin'
Ya niggas still hatin' but ya know they be poppin',

Through the course of this album, ya your boy dun went through it
Like getting pushed off
life from far and something's off with it
It's my fault and shit, I shoulda never altered it
I sold a dream when you couldn't have known the cost of it
veteran I ain't scared of nann
Keep my hand on tha metal friend and that's off tha wam
Understand where I'm comin from playas flexin
Crown Vics, trucks,
paths with my clique and get vic
I'm on some bullshit that's how I was raised G
Slept at the stage have you slippin' down blazin'
In pools of alcohol walk
looking for a fight
Take a few flicks
As they walked past we harassed a few chicks
I snatch her by the arm
Her man's up the block so she screams in

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