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at me, I can say the longest word in the dictionary

I don't know much but I know
The future's bright, the future's green
The future's me, the future's
hearing this 
You about to experience 
Someone so cold 
A journey, seldom seamed the american dream 
From the bottom to the top of the globe 
They call
to keep you dreams and hopes alive
Do it know and don't pass it by
Life is to short so give me your hand
I will lead you to another land
D. R. O. C. K.
To be real this game ain't all it seem to y'all
I mean I'm blessed by my good God high, that no question
And I know my journeys long just a life
myself as the Hungry Hustler, Afroman.
I am the American Dream. Even though the government tried to experiment with me
By placing me in the projects, I'm
of acts get signed
And when the album comes out everyone says
"Aw man, take that record off, don't waste my time"
Due to that fact, I went for mine

Intro: Syke

If I die right now there somethings I want to say
Don't plan for the future cause the future is today
Live ya life like ya dying, cause
"Brra-Tat-Tat" so you betta watch out

Bitch I got money too
"Trilla" album comin' soon
Triple C's, 305, B-O-E give us room
Whip the keys
on them pills
Dade County dope-boy, best believe I'm 'bout dat doe 
Chose come up get em yep, we ain't really by that def
Yeah, I'm the future, got
They judge you by your past and try to predict your future
But I got kings in my bloodline, I'm Mensa Musa
My dad came from Africa, he was the first
Are much important I'm gettin' angrier while recordin'
I'm feelin' like the Bulls, I've got a Gang of Wolves
Odd Future is children that's fucked up
And that friend could be our future

Nah you got me twisted
Ego trips don't concern me!

Chill Vurs those we're just stages on your journey
I mean you are
while I prepare a reception worthy of their audacity!
THE SORCERER: By your command, o' luminous Imperial majesty!

At once, the far-feared
the way that my flow bores
And leave your ears up shit creek without a funk oar

Now certified wise gotta hold o ya
We got the whole lot o cop and magnolia
In this life time you don't have to proove nothing to nobody except yourself
And after what you've gone through if you havn't done that by now
down and I run at you

I'm painting portraits while endorphins spinning
I'm high as hell when indulging in these gorgeous woman
Pave the future