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Cheeeaaaaaa burn one
Zaytoven on da track imma burn one
Its the mixtape nigga burn one
If you eva try gucci mane you might burn one huh
punch shawty I will make you see the light mayne
Stomp-out shawty I will make you read my Jordans
Try Gucci Mane boy you must be retarded
It's a white girl in town: name is "cocaine"
It's some dirty birds in town: Gucci Mane and Waka Flame
We flying, we buying, say you got more bird?
and it's right by water
I'm the Trap God and I walk on water

G-Gucci Mane I'm the water man
Make it rain, do the water dance
Water dripping like
Doh ,Number 1s all day on a chart show
So fuck You and your 90 track mixtape
Thats a million bars of arsehole
My bars errect and it opens legs its
Ich fing an zu rappen, da war Techno unser Feind
Was für Gucci Mane? Was für Soulja Boy?
Ich hab nicht für Rap gekämpft, damit heute sowas läuft
on the next land
I'm the white Gucci Mane with a spray tan
Big bottles don't wait, you shouldn't too

What the fuck a wife do? No wedding shoes, no wedding