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By way to Overtown and look at this city
Open to Grove and the South Miami
Wedwood Highlear, look Eddie, look 'Bana
Some many ice P-Rhymes rich
on them pills
Dade County dope-boy, best believe I'm 'bout dat doe 
Chose come up get em yep, we ain't really by that def
Yeah, I'm the future, got
snoring all night I can't sleep (hehe)
Call that big butt nurse with the long hair to come suck my dick
(Bad Boy Big, c'mon)

The doctor said I need
and givin' me a sponge bath
Niggaz say I died dead in the streets
Nigga I'm gettin' high, gettin' head on the beach
Chillin', sittin' on about half a million
snoring all night I can't sleep (hehe)
Call that big butt nurse with the long hair to come suck my dick
(Bad Boy Big, c'mon)

The doctor said I need
a top boy Scorcher and Bashy cant do the same
Real reconize Real , how many albums have you sold to date
I aint saying im Wayne Or Kanye ,But im living
by Soulja Boy
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    by Wiz Khalifa
    Love You Down Lyrics
    by Honey Cocaine
    Love Explosion Lyrics
    by Marvin
Reporting live from Hawaii with my girl
I brought sand to the beach
Working on vacay in the booth, sand on my feet
I'm from the ground up like
Verse 1: 

Don't underestimate the reach 

Here comes that city brother who lives by the beach 

Defari  work for Likwit organize 

Dodger hats
N9ne units sold
And whoever you bitch niggas is saying, I'm kicking it in Lee Joes log
Lee Joe'll tell you I'm original, and by the way Lee Joe my dog!
draps sont les leaders tombés sous les balles
Me saoulez pas moi j'ai quelques albums sous le bras
C'est de la soul en rap pour bad boys et scélérats
don't shoot anymore
My deal got signed so the spirits all up
We shot the album front cover up by the shops
We just wanna rep the manor right, give it
You see I smash on you pussies and creep with the thugs
I got a T-shirt that say "Weed is not drugs"
I got a tight spot that sits by the sea

This is for the radio Mr. D.J
Me and the heavy rotation all damn day
Mechanical boys is what the way to make a living
Looking for love so turn it
J'peux pas t'laisser sans être sûr qu't'aies totalement compris man
J'peux pas t'laisser écouter cet album puis t'voir encore au même stade bro
Standhaft, mein Herz ist gepanzert
Weil ich keine Angst hab vor dir und deiner Mannschaft
Die meisten wollen Krampfhaft 'ne 5-Sterne Residenz im Game sein
Boy shit
We come to bring it to y'all niggas, me, B.I., Puff, Lox, whoever
Black Rob
If you want to dance, we dance

Now trick what? Lace who? That
Schacht, sie sind abstoßende Realkeeper wie Navas (Apocalyptic)
Ich hab' 187 für dein 31er-Team
Plus 'ne Ladung Swag für Money Boy im Ninemagazin
Mach dir keine Sorgen, alter! Ich hab Graspäckchen da
Ja, der Mac ist am Start (yeah), bring' dein Album nicht raus
Steck's dir doch einfach direkt in
ins Hemd pissen, jede Wette
Weil, 'ne gute Freestyle-Kür gehört zu mir
Wie dein Name an die Tür oder an die Wand
Spieglein, wer ist der schönste

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