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Die haben 'ne tolle wie Elvis Presley

Bad Boys para siempre, Partners in Crime
Mein Album macht mich fame, aber die Straße macht mich reich
vocalist, Reba McIntyre"
"Most appearances made after death, Elvis Presley
The king couldn't be here due to illness
So to accept his award on his behalf, we
back to the matter at hand 

It's Green Lantern 
With Elvis Presley 
The selfish MC 
Back to the ruin rap 

And destroy the industry 
to us, huh?)
(I never seen five niggas on Elvis Presley album cover!)
blast from the past! A blast from the past! A blast from the past!" "Baby, you're the greatest."

"From Sun Recording artist, Elvis Presley"

Okay, I'm reloaded
The homey, Elvis Presley and Rick Ross teen
Be back, I'm back
I'm back, I'm back
It's nowhere to go

I'm talkin' Japanese
tryin to be a rapper
But rappin don't mean shit to Elvis Presley-lovin crackers
Plus I'm with a record label gankin me and fuckin me
Niggas always
Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley. 
Black Flame Trilogy. 
Quadruple louder bass. 
Battle sites. Little Rock. 
Satellites in outer space 
Words won?t
And why I just don't know

So I take a Vicodin splash it hits my stomach and ahh
A couple weeks go by it ain't even like I'm getting high
Now I need it just
the shoulder gets
Cause we over it, over it
So we takin' over it
Time's up
I'm just
Gonna make it difficult for other rappers to get their rhymes up
N9ne units sold
And whoever you bitch niggas is saying, I'm kicking it in Lee Joes log
Lee Joe'll tell you I'm original, and by the way Lee Joe my dog!
Then come through ya block in a sticky green drop 
Hop out 
Let off fifty-three shots 
Wouldn't care if I hit fifty-three cops 
Guliani might as well
on the white walls, do a design in the droplets
Psycho what you might call, but my mind is spotless
Do you like Phil Collins, have you ever heard this album
their rhymes up
N9ne's a mindfuck
I'm the kind to design the crime
Bury them all in lime
Your shine's behind us
Stop you can do it all day
I'mma everyday struggle 'til I get to the top
I study Em, BIG, Tech N9ne, 2Pac
Come to my crib unannounced I got a big t-tato pie
Hopped up 9.
m'faire sucer dans les bouchons
Les autres mc's sont touchants, quand Sadek pose tout change
Boucherie, j'peux chier un album en me mouchant
Et tu
Mach dir keine Sorgen, alter! Ich hab Graspäckchen da
Ja, der Mac ist am Start (yeah), bring' dein Album nicht raus
Steck's dir doch einfach direkt in
die Charts heute, Falten von Hasskicks (Apocalyptic)
Millionen durch Rap, doch könn'n nicht mal Chorusse texten
Ich brauchte nie 'ne Hookbitch, um
eh wie Kloßbrühe klar war
Weil für Hits haben wir 'ne Ader
Das ist das Mongo-Geschwader
Zusammen sind wir unschlagbar
So rough wie Meinhoff und

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