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timepiece will make it all right
Sing songs of the mountains, Cowboy's Delight

By Bob Carpenter and David Holster
There's a melody that passes through this town

Words and Music by David Mallett
a vendetta
I ain't talkin' 'bout David when I say I'ma Guetta
Twenty mil' on my off, season of course
Twenty million when you ain't put out no album
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Arthur barrow (bass)
Ed mann (percussion)
David ocker (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Motorhead sherwood (tenor saxophone, vocals)
By this microphone, by this microphone 
I think the rock 'n roll girls 
In this world want apologies, want apologies 

I read this stuff, but
get smacked up
By the are-you-N-D-M-see (that's where it's at cuz)
Known as the tough cats, kickin' tough rough raps
In jeans, leather jackets, my
a routine
And last night was just another distraction
Or a reaction of what we consider madness
I know exactly what happened
You ran outside when you heard my
me with E's
He got a cousin named David and I seen him last week
This is the life of another girl damaged by the system
These foster homes, I run
on instrumentals
N - to the ladies for the nights that you're naughty
T - to the thugs and the niggas in the party (set it off)
E - fifth record, everybody put ya
Artist: Flesh-N-Bone f/ Big Punisher, Fat Joe
Album: T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls)
Song: No Mercy

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, real
the honey
Baby, way there over there by the apple tree

Now, look-a-there
She kind-a, big n' fat
Now, look-a-there 
A-but it ain't like that
by: N. Giraldo & P. Giraldo
All my n****s flippin' chips
Gettin' rich
Even though it's hard

Tryin' to creep through these halls abroad without scar by ?
With no warning signs
of me
B**** don't wanna holla b**** I'm 'bout a dolla
I done came so sick now I'ma problem (problem child)
Can't get no features on my album n
are open , I hear you calling me

I hear you calling me..
I hear you calling me..


From the album "Gravity's Rainbow"
Written by: N
And you ain't got nothing to say (what!)
Well it's album number two right (yeah)
So you gotta let 'em know (that's right)
So do your thing (yeah)
what the hell is y'all talkin' 'bout?
I been in the house all night
I don't know nothing 'bout that shit, man
I got the album right here, man, send this
a nigga by surprise, I was astounded
He a real cool dude but why he call me clownin'?

You say'n you don't know bout it? Know bout what?
Man we up all night fuckin by the Hollywood sign

Yeah got smacked up 
Everytime she backed up
Didn't know there was room in the back
Of the lack
nigga ain't tryin to run up then i will
Hit it from behind that's how i polly wit mines
Man we up all night fuckin by the Hollywood sign
Yea got
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    Together You And I Lyrics
Dreams no tolerance
Cut you at the house and haven't hollered since
Get bored quickly
He stay grown
So the p-a-tr??n had to get poured quickly
Ex girl
My homies rolled by in a bucket, but they ain't short and duckin'
Slappin' n****s known for tellin' b****es f*** it in the late night

I’ll practice all night long 
I’ve packed my bags, i’ve traveled too far 
To ever go back home"

There once was a boy by the name of davey rockit
on the arm 
 Nights on the storm, put knives in your moms, right up in the Bronx 
 Mic in the palm, it's the Ghetto God 
 I tear a n**** heart, out his

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