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[Peedi Crakk]
It's not a game I'm from Philly
Go by the name P, Prizzy Mac Milly
Used to with Young Crizzy in the back rolling on twigs
miracle L.O.NS., L.O.N.S. 
Yes, yes, y'all y'all. Yes yes, y'all y'all. 
The Boogie tie Brown, the Boogie tie Brown, 
My manifestation hits. The monitor
N.Y. national league of big guys with stolen 5's
Albums cloud him, phantom of the opera style
With loud phones, system, 100 thousand watts in em
I'm booing yay up out the taxi when I'm in the n.y.
My brother phil d. gots my back up in the chi.
L.l., sunny sunny, chris and don't forget dough
to pick a mike up frank
There's already true rider
We will talk billers
If you listen to my new album
When there's no thrillers
Gota N-dubz be cool chiller
down the 'vard
Actin hard, not fraud
Comin through Po-yo gotta yella broad
Automatic hoe, gotta yella hoe
Comin through the boulevard can't rock 'n roll