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(myles goodwyn/additional lyrics by lisa blond)
Published by mfg sing sing music/socan - ascap

Shadows closin' in on me
But through the darkness I
(tom lang/additional lyrics by myles goodwyn & mike stone)
Published by goody two tunes, inc./additional publishers - bmi

The boy inside the man,
(myles goodwyn/jim henman)
Published by slalom publishing company - bmi

You can be somebody
You can be more than you are
You can be someone
You can
(instrumental, no lyrics)
Everything by:Trent Reznor
(instrumental, no lyrics)
everything by:trent reznor
Bluegrass Breakdown is an instrumental by Bill Monroe.
No known lyrics. ;)
Blue Grass Stomp is an instrumental created by Bill Monroe. ;)
There are no lyrics.
Gardenia Waltz was penned by Johnny Gimble and is an instrumental. There have never been any lyrics to my knowledge.
[Lyrics by Christofer Johnsson]
[Music by Christofer Johnsson]

Po Tolo!
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Go-betweens -
Bluegrass Breakdown is an instrumental by Bill Monroe.
No known lyrics. ;)
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Katy Hill is a traditional song instrumental. There are no known lyrics. Popularized by Bill Monroe playing with Jerry Garcia (Greatful Dead fame).
Doung and Nell, Randy Bell, drums by Microsoft Excel, and Margaret Welles
Lynchburg, Williamsburg, Park Dr., and Austin Texas, car alarms on Grand Street
Byo to przelotne tak
Myle, e nie byo wcale
Widziaem to tylko ja
Pniej znikno gdzie
Lecz ja
We mnie yje ta chwila
Pij wino i myl
Pij wino i
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[lyrics as transcribed by juha heikkinen]

Learn to swim...
Learn to swim
(myles goodwyn)
Published by summerlea music, ltd. - bmi

You know I'd spend my life with you
Share all the dreams I have with you
Do you wanna see
(myles goodwyn/jim clench)
Published by summerlea music, ltd. - bmi

Lovely lady, silent lady
Will tomorrow be the last day in your life
I can't free
Written by: david henman, james henman,
Ritchie henman and myles goodwyn

I just dropped in to see how my woman was
I wish to spend some time with

Deine Lakaien
Will grow
To be cut

By children
With knives of


free lyrics

justin had
Getting jaded

Day by day
Diggin' deep, deep shores

Mating Season
Of reality
Up in

The clouds hiding from the sun
There goes