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said that she sounds just like Sarah Vaughan
I hate that soulful affectation white girls put on
Why don't you move to the Delta?
I obliged later
An I found my Sarah, gone

If a man don't never study
A-you will never have no blues
If a man wouldn't study
You would never have no blues
But you get
the treasure is rakim
The smooth criminal
Damn, it's on
Keep my hands on
This amazon
Legs for marathons
Voice like sarah vaughan
Precise, alright
I like when her
This amazon
Legs for marathons
Voice like Sarah Vaughan
Precise, alright
I like when her ? entice
With a spice of life
Flow times twice as nice
Keeping you company

Well getting on the record soon
Grooving on an afternoon
That's on my album too

This album cover
Looks similar like Johnny
struck out
Reinvested everything, just trying to get a buck out
Will I ever make it? Felt fear on my life
For a while I was going through a nervous patch
struck out
Reinvested everything, just trying to get a buck out
Will I ever make it? Felt fear on my life
For a while I was going through a nervous patch
see are the years passing by
And I have made up my mind that those days are gone

Sarah Beth is scared to death
To hear what the doctor will say
From the album sutras

In the night
In the dark night
There's a light
That shines on me
And the lady of the lamp she
Lies by me and holds on tight
Raquel treat me like my father like a fuckin' stranger
She still don't know I made Sarah to strangle her
Not put her in danger and chop her up in
her from the back
If not Sarah Jane can come give me brain and put them red lips on my sack.
Aww I been killin; it caz I've been gettin' bread
Now bring it out
Like a finger in the back of your mouth
Cherubs and cerebellum, Tara at Sarah's wedding
Sam marrying Sam
Band pushed upon the finger
want to be free
And open up my eyes
To the wonders that you see

See the airplane fly
See the trees rush by
Be brave and strong when you hurt yourself
from cold night,in the morning.
'Tis the morning of my life.

In the daytime I will meet you as before.
You will find me waiting by the ocean floor,
always be my friend 
Amigos para siempre 
Means a love that can not end 
Friend for life 
Not just a summer or a srping 
Amigos para siempre. 
I feel you
Words & music by Don Baird ( publishing...
(From Willie Nelson "My Own Peculiar Way" and other albums... and Anita Kerr Singers
This is how I learned it from a Time-Life Album in about 1958.

There's a little rosewood casket
Lying on a marble stand
And a packet of old love
Runnin' motherfuckers from my lyrical ruckus
Strictly fo' the ghetto bitches
Representing every hood, every ward, every set, every project
Miss x or sarah
Sarah Marshall
Oh my bad, slut
And next time I show up in court I'll be naked and square a lawsuit
Judge be like "That's sharp, how much that motherfucker

Welcome into the garden sarah
Come see how my roses die
We were looking for heaven
Couldn't bear to pass you by
There are stories of bad
My life's cut short
The summer's gone
The times we've had 
Went down and are gone
I see a change
That takes me down
With all the rest
I see
My tongue-tied beheaded bride
The Alberta breeze

Oh David drive like you've never done
Oh Sarah sing like you've never sung
Oh my dizzy ballerina
what you see in the streets
Despite what you influenced by, the life of crime has many downs
A little bit of ups, and everything you do got
never knowing why

I'm thinking about
Leaving the army
Turning in my uniform
As always awakened
By the old explosions
Just outside of my door

People like me

Meet Sarah, the proud mother of young Sebastian
Suburban professional went to college in shton
In self pity she suddenly cried
Would my