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sleep, niggas huff and puff
Claim they running up, who the fuck? And we see such and such
I'm not you, I done paid my dues, I do this shit daily
portray you making people judge a book
But if they really took the time to look
Then they would see the cracks in Mr. Perfect (Yeah)
They would see
for Guns 'n' Roses 
Yeah! C'mon! 
Throw your hands in the sky 
And wave em from side to side 
And if you're in this life just gettin by 
away and let him be
He?s got a shotgun so go back home (Who? Who?)
Cause you?ll never get Mr. Jones (Mike Jones)

[Verse 2]
I used to get dissed by
Album: The Bluebird Recordings 1938 RCA #66796
With Speckled Red (Rufus Perryman) - piano
Probably Willie Hacher - mandolin and Robert Lee McCoy - gtr
my people on the front lines

People, my people are dyin'
And we see it all the time
Don't know where our future would be
If he's not here, how do
my ear and my toothpaste was smeared.
Opened my window,
They had written my name.
Both: Said so long, we'll see you again.

Both: Hey Mr
[Mr. Cheeks]
I see a whole team of chicks tryin to sit wit us
drinkin Dom, smokin charm, want to get wit us
Got my, V.I.P. section game locked
by the chicks in the club
Now they want to rub my belly wanna show ya boy some love
They see me iced up they be like wassup?
Try to jack me if you
Anger, but yo that's Mr. Funkee Wallbanger
Concieved in the fire by you warned through disaters
The funky child was taught to the ways of the masters
beautifully articulated 

Demonstrated by the never faded strong facial feature 

of the teacher, I am the teacher, you can check it 

The styles they're
walking past
"I hate to be a pest but my son would love your autograph"
(Wow, Mr. Nigga I love you, I have all your albums!)
They stay on nigga patrol
an extra lime on my water glass
An hour later here she comes by walkin past
"I hate to be a pest but my son would love your autograph"
(Wowwww.. Mr. Nigga
of the dope stuff 
So in the record store, you can't pass by us 
GET the album, HEAR THE MUSIC 
And hold on so you just don't lose it 
As a reference, for
Who is the man with the master plan?
DJ Mister Cee
Who is the man with the master plan?
He goes by the name of the Big Daddy Kane
Then it goes
(Ludacris) Verse 1

I just touched down in killa Cali,
Strapped up my boots,
Got scooped up by Game,
So I hopped up in the coupe,
Gaah, What up
about to serve

(Action speaks louder)
(Action speaks louder than words)
(Action speaks louder)

[Ganksta NIP]
Body bags in the bushes, see, I
I'm catchin' wreck 
Chillin' by the projects, money got the high-techs 
Goin' till the break o'dawn, never see bed 
Get red when I said, got gats
you can't afford this don't get aboard this flavor
Unless you got the fever flavor for a Pringle
Come be a single, let me see you mingle jingle dangle
featuring J Treds 


Mr. Len  a.k.a. Space Ghost  please commence intro 

Company Flow  perform  J Treds  prepare 

El P
(Keith, Skeoch, Hannon, Luccketta)

She comes on softly as she moves across the room before me
I can't resist, I'm hypnotized, I'm surrounded by her
we got for all them lost souls that done passed away 
In the Gump and we also dedicate this album to our close homeboy 
Willie Dickerson
Rest in Peace
All day and all night 
Nigga anytime you see me I'ma keep it super tight
I'm an underground king reppin' UGK 
Don't give a damn what
the party
As soon as my album goes number one
Mr. Lim I'd like a Rolex with forty diamonds, ha ha ha
Conceived in the fire by you warned through disasters
The funky child was taught to the ways of the masters
Mr. Funkee, yes girl the black mack

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